TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

Ambush! Out of blue jeans into a stunning dress

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin convince a mom to trade in her blue jeans and T-shirts for a stunning turquoise dress. They also give a single lady a “New York chic” look.

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>>> we are back on this thirsty thursday with more on our plaza ambush makeovers. two lucky ladies get plucked off our plaza.

>> they are contributor and stylists to the stars. louis lacari. and contributing editor to "people" style watch. a little rainy. a little dreary.

>> you beat the rain.

>> we beat the rain.

>> she said we have to do this fast. and we did.

>> you found some good folks?

>> we found two great makeovers.

>> laurie olive is here to celebrate her daughter's graduation so they begged us to give their mom a glam new look. let's take a listen.

>> well, it's a girls weekend. whoo-hoo. everyone is in a state of shock here. i know you want this for your mom because you say she's always in the same thing.

>> yeah. she's always in blue jeans and t-shirts and she never wears heels. i just want this for her because she always does stuff for us.

>> oh, that's so nice. and i know you just graduated. congratulations. and your dad is not here. where is he?

>> he's at home paying for this trip.

>> all right. well, we are going to send you home glam to thank him. what do you think?

>> oh, i think it's great. this is going to be wonderful.

>> oh.

>> she looks like a teenager.

>> she does look like a kid. here her two daughters, katlyn and hailey. keep your blindfolds on. here's laurie olive before. pretty woman walking down the street

>> wow, laurie , you look great.

>> all right, kids. take off your blindfolds.

>> that's your mama. hello, mama. you ready?

>> laurie , turn around.

>> oh, my god!

>> i love it.

>> you look amazing.

>> look right at camera 12. very dramatic haircut.

>> we had bridget jenny do all the haircuts. she updated the haircut by shaping it. giving it the peekaboo bangs. a little hair on the face. then i darkened the hair. it changed the texture of her hair.

>> really makes her eyes pop.

>> it made her eyes pop but makes her hair look in better condition.

>> girls, what do you think?

>> i think she looks amazing.

>> i have no words.

>> really good or really bad.

>> tell us about the dress.

>> i love turquoise in accessory accessories but also a great dress if you already have your black dress. from maggie bondon. a beautiful cutout in the back. she hasn't worn heels in 20 years.

>> how do they feel?

>> good.

>> you could get used to being an uber model, couldn't you?

>> uh, no.

>> a big round of applause.

>> lovely, lovely.

>> all righty. our second lady is carla . she's 43. she's also quite young. westlake, ohio. never colored her hair before. and leaves her house every day with this soaking wet. so she jumped at the chance of getting a brand new style. so let's hear her story.

>> another ambushee in a state of shock but a birthday state of shock . what a great gift.

>> yes it is a great gift. i'm very shocked and happy and speechless.

>> speechless.

>> what do you think about this for your daughter?

>> it's great. i think it's going to be a fun day for her.

>> everyone is a little speechless.

>> it's your birthday. i know you're single. your ready to be totally glam and fabulous and new york city ready?

>> yes. i'm definitely looking forward for the opportunity. it will be fun.

>> all right. she's adorable. she's here with her mom carolyn. let's take one last look at carla before and bring out carla farington now. oh, yeah.

>> oh, yes! right there. okay, mom. you want to take off your blinders and see your daughter.

>> oh, my god!

>> that's a good reaction.

>> turn it around. look right here, hon.

>> put your glasses on. can you see?

>> i can see. wow. oh, my god.

>> that is such a good sign when they start putting their hands in their hair like that.

>> she feels like the sexy woman she is.

>> carla , you look gorgeous.

>> thank you. of course, i lightened the hair and added a few brighter pieces around the face.

>> she can't stop. it's adorable.

>> it's all put together with the makeup.

>> i like the color of it, too.

>> the color is so beautiful.

>> the lipstick goes with the dress which really works well.

>> you can put your glasses on if you want to see a little bit.

>> and the dress is adorable.

>> i think we got her contacts?

>> they aren't in. we were like -- wait until she puts her contacts in.

>> the dress is maggie london incorporating the peplum and the exposed zipper in the bag. and also navy and red, a good combination.

>> mom you like?

>> oh, she's beautiful. she looks wonderful.