TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

Sexy relationship advice for women, from a guy

Relationship expert Matthew Hussey helps our viewers with their love and relationship questions, offering advice on how you can help your man update his look without offending him and the best ways to navigate the online dating world.

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>>> all right. did your boyfriend break up with you out of the blue, or is your guy still in touch with his ex claiming they are just good friends?

>> yeah, right. matthew hussey, relationship expert and author of "get the guy" has the answers to all your burning questions .

>> we like when you come on the show.

>> one of the fouhy actually like.

>> i feel privileged.

>> hey, sara.

>> the first is one anna. i've been hesitant to start online date bug a lot of my friends have had success. should i try it? what is your advice on online dating ?

>> yea or nay.

>> try it. don't rely on it. that's the key.

>> that's wise.

>> how did you get so wise so young.

>> sometimes i say good things.

>> it's true. you shouldn't rely on it. the problem is online dating , even if her friends have had success on it, when you go on it, don't expect success. it's like being in the worst bar and the best bar all at the same time.

>> that's a good way to put it.

>> they've had success. it ain't over yet. you may meet somebody and have a great couple of first dates but it's not all over.

>> people go on online dating and they forget like -- oh, i'm meeting more men. everyone forgets when they get on a date they have to still be charming. and people are really not good at that these days because they are on the computer all the time.

>> you're right. i like him more all the time.

>> all right. go ahead.

>> matthew , that's the best analogy ever. jamie asked, my boyfriend stays friends with his ex. should i be upset about that?

>> that's a good one. your allowed to be friends with your ex.

>> everyone has a history. everyone has a past.

>> end of story.

>> different as night and day .

>> answer the question.

>> when they are on -- let's say you have an ex. the thing about that, i'd be more -- listen to me. i can't do anything on this show.

>> yes, go on.

>> so --

>> yes, yes.

>> when you have an ex, here's what you have to be careful of. i'd be more worried if the person that hates all of their exes and is really in a bad place with them because that person has a consistent issue.

>> that is such a great point.

>> next question, everyone.

>> no --

>> if somebody hates everybody, it's all their fault, the chance is it's her fault.

>> here's the only thing to watch out for. if they are going on more dates with their ex than you.

>> i wouldn't want my husband, boyfriend, whatever's ex communicating with him a lot. sometimes you become the shoulder to cry on. it makes your partner feel uncomfortable --

>> you have to decide your standard for what that communication should be. just saying communication is wrong is ridiculous. decide what the standard is. what constitutes too much flirting or too much time.

>> it makes me feel uncomfortable when she calls. can you please not have that happen.

>> that's fair enough. but my husband, god love him and i adore you. he's had a huge problem with that from day one. it's ridiculous. we've been married 27 years. stop it.

>> can we do one more quick one?

>> look at the seating position. one more shot of this, can we.

>> next question.

>> what is it? can we just have another question.

>> next question.

>> go ahead, sara.

>> my guy is a terrible dresser. how do i change his look without offending him.

>> easy. just go shopping with him and when you're out say your body looks great in this type of shirt. but make it really specific. the compliment has to be specific. i love these types of shirts on guys. don't say that. say it looks great on you.

>> on your shoulders this is going to look good on you.

>> now he's wearing it all the time.

>> then how do you get him out of it to try something else.

>> that's a good reason to have matthew back. he's going to stick around and answer even more questions. not because hoda wants him to but because i do.

>> i feel like i'm on someone else 's date.