TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

Does Kanye West need an ego check?

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including Kanye West, who is releasing a new album called “Yeezus” on which he compares himself to everyone from Michael Jordan to Steve Jobs.

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>> let's get to our take three. take one, are you embarrassede edembarrass ed, kids, to be around your mom or dad in public? will smith 's 14-year-old son jaden certainly was during an interview where they were promoting their new movie. this was on thai television. check this out.

>> have you ever been on thai television before?

>> this is my son. i can kiss my son. jaden , come on.

>> that's an open mouth.

>> oh, dad.

>> that's more than embarrassing.

>> oh, my gosh, i'm embarrassed.

>> the context of that is the father and son in the movie, i guess there's some strife between them.

>> in the movie "after earth."

>> so the interviewer asked them, do you two get along? yeah, watch this. open mouth kiss .

>> that's a little uncomfortable.

>> do your kids get a little uncomfortable when you, i guess, openly give them public displays of affection ?

>> courtney has gotten past the embarrassment stage. she's 26.

>> does she come up to you and give you a hug?

>> absolutely. and leila, just yesterday i was taking her to a school event, and she said, dad, you're my he is court.

>> she's 14.

>> that's the age they're embarrassed. and nicky is going to be 11 next month, and he's still very affectionate. hugs and kisses.

>> you've got little ones . they still love you no matter what.

>> i'm still in the happy zone.

>> mine too, the little guy is. but josh is 9 now. he's at that age where certain things, even just showing emotion in public, like yesterday at his school event, he was saying good-bye to his teacher and classmate. his teacher is moving who he loved so much this year. i could see he was getting a little verklempt, a little emotional. and he kept looking at me taking a picture, and he said, mom, i can't see. the sun is in my eyes, rather than admitting he had tears in his eyes. i just embarrassed him further by outing him.

>> the thing that's more embarrassing for leila at 14, we were in abercrombie and fitch shopping, and i said, i like those cargo shorts. she said, no, you're not.

>> wow, wow.

>> you know what, i am going to get those cargo shorts. i'm wearing them out.

>> there's a certain type that wears those cargo shorts at abercrombie and fitch .

>> no, i pulled them way up.

>> and you're wearing a wet t-shirt.

>> after i bought them, i stood in front of the store with that music playing, cleared the store out.

>> the dad cargo shorts. it's like the mom jeans .

>> which al loves and wears proudly.

>> mom jeans ?

>> oh, yeah, absolutely.

>> sure, there's nothing wrong with the mom jeans . take two, the cost of love and money . a new british study says love takes an average 13 first dates and over $17,000 before you find the one you love.

>> a lot of money. we needed the sound effect .

>> we needed the sound effect . that's great.

>> what we need now is just video of will smith kissing his son.

>> it was the open mouth really. men spend, according to the study, more than 1,000 --

>> let's watch this again.

>> sure. here's the first date.

>> yeah. he really got in there too, didn't he?

>> it wasn't so open mouth. it was affectionate.

>> you know.

>> jaden apparently didn't like it.

>> i love this fact. 1 in 4 admit to faking an emergency to get out of an awkward date.

>> you pay that much, invest that much, and it's like, oh, sorry, got to go.

>> that's the thing people do. they'll have their girlfriend say call me at a certain time. you're my bailout call if things aren't going well.

>> the girlfriend on the first date?

>> no. if you were out on a date, you'd say to your girlfriend, call me at 7:30.

>> natalie went to another dark place.

>> what kind of first date is this?

>> it's always natalie, isn't it? she drags us down into the mud.

>> you guys go there.

>> it's always you.

>> i love this next one.

>> this is incredible. kanye west gave an interview yesterday published by "the new york times."

>> could he get in more trouble right now, by the way?

>> his new album is called yezus. he calls himself yeezy. it comes out next month. here's what he had to say about the taylor smith interruption, whether or not he had remorse. he said, "it's only led me to complete awesomeness at all times. it's only led me to awesome truth and awesomeness. beauty, truth, awesomeness."

>> what is he, po from kung fu panda ?

>> "if anyone is reading this waiting for some full-on, flat apology for anything, they should stop reading right now."

>> that's all we need to say.

>> it gets better.

>> he also compared himself to michael jordan . he said, "justice could be just clearing a path for people to dream properly. it could be clearing a path to make it fair within the arena that i play. you know, if michael jordan can scream at the refs, me as kanye west , the michael jordan of music, can come in and say this is wrong."

>> does he think a little too highly of himself?

>> no.

>> take a look at the kanye version.

>> steve jobs , here's how he tackles this.

>> he says, "i am undoubtedly steve jobs of internet, downtown, fashion, culture, period, by a long jump. i honestly feel that, because steve has passed, you know, it's like when biggy passed and jay-z was allowed to become jay-z."

>> but biggy was a rapper.

>> mock turtleneck time.

>> and jay-z was a rapper. it's like saying, you know what, once putin leaves, i can really become al roker .

>> is there anybody he thinks iss like not -- i mean, he compares himself to every person of greatness.

>> michael jordan and steve jobs , kind of hard to beat those two.

>> and his new album is called yezus. need we go any further?

>> i love kanye west . i have all his music. this is all part of the games he plays.

>> it's the game that's played on the town square of crazy town .

>> and it sells a lot of records.

>> i don't know. the fans love it, i guess.

>> they do.

>> he lets his music speak for himself until he speaks, and then you realize he's crazy.

>> so you're going to be buying that yezus album?

>> of course. i'm in. i'm all in. let's have a look at the headlines.

>> first let me tell you about this great event i went to last night.

>> i wanted to hear about that.

>> i went to an incredible event, the challenge athletes foundation, which i go to a lot of years in the past. we brought together the boston heroes, and also you see lauren scruggs was there, who after suffering a terrible, life-changing injury, was so supportive and helpful to celeste and sidney corcoran, some of the boston victims.

>> she had the airplane accident.

>> yes, walked into the propellor. it was just great bringing them all together and how they can help each other out. continue incredible event. the challenged athletes foundation, they raise so much money to help people buy prosthetics and help kids find life in sport after an injury like that.

>> a lot of these people from boston have such a