TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

11 summer party hostess tips from Pinterest

Lifestyle expert Brit Morin shares her favorite “pinspiration” for summer entertaining this season, from DIY table runners and colorful place settings to summery food and drinks.

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>>> this morning we're launching a new series called what's pinning today.

>> we partnered with pinterest, the online destination to share and organize the things you love to give you inspiration at home.

>> brit is here with cool ideas for your summer party . britt, good morning.

>> good morning, yes.

>> let's get set with the invitatio invitations.

>> teaching you tok a rock star hostess, using pinterest ideas only. the first piece of advice is pick a theme. our theme is citrus summer. we're kicking it off with invitations. you guys can each take one.

>> they're like little popsicles.

>> you print them, cut them out, and attach a popsicle stick on the back. table decor. on the front, we have this amazing paper fan garland. it's anchor accordion fan glued together and strung up on a garland. and we've repurposed our citrus lemon inside one of these pictures. you have all of this stuff at home. you put a tall glass inside and start layering the lemons all the way around. once you have these all down, you can add your flowers and water and you're done. you can also see we have a pinterest hack here. we turned wine glasses upside down to create flowers.

>> that's a pinterest hack?

>> a little trick. and these little lemon boats to put your name on.

>> what exactly is pinterest? they don't get it.

>> it's also the food. what's so great about pinterest, you can see how long things take to took and the types of ingredients. water melon , we've not only used it as juice and appetizer but as the punch bowl itself. this is a great idea. we're all taking shots today, shots of veggies. this is another great grab and go appetizer.

>> is healthy veggie shots.

>> is that's right.

>> and one of the pinterest signature recipes is salmon in a bag by the double punch bowl . lemon slices, a piece of salmon, and a few slices of butter. wrap this all up, put it in the oven for 25 minutes.

>> is or throw it on the grill. this is what we used to call in boy scouts a hobo pack.

>> absolutely. every great party has a dessert. this is a no bake fondue station. what i love about this is that craft paper, all the toppings, so you know what you're getting, the sprinkles, the cookies.

>> what's this?

>> that's a straw.

>> what is that used for typically?

>> it's a transport system to bring fluid from a bowl to your mouth.

>> wow.

>> i saw this on pinterest. i did. and these red spherical fruits.

>> these are called cherries. have you seen one of these?

>> i can't take another revelation.

>> if you had gotten on pinterest earlier, you might have known about these things.

>> you can cut a simple brown lunch bag, wrap them up with cherrie cherries, you're good to go.

>> here's a transport system to your mouth. go ahead and take a bite.

>> is remarkable what you can do.

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