TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

New film explores Marilyn Monroe’s private life

It’s been more than 50 years since Marilyn Monroe died, but she continues to fascinate people around the world. A new HBO documentary airing on June 17th reveals the woman behind the glamour through personal papers, diaries, and letters. Actress Lili Taylor and director Liz Garbus discuss the film.

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>>> the death of marilyn monroe , but she continues to fascinate people around the world. a new hbo documentary "love marilyn " reveals the person behind the glamorous image through new diaries and letters. she's been portrayed by many actors. lily taylor is one of the actors as well. and liz garbis is the film's director. there's been so the books, movies about marilyn . we're still fascinated. what do you think viewers will be most surpriseded by watching this?

>> that marilyn is somebody they can relate to. the documents that the film is based on brings out a woman who's very relatable, very human, who struggles with the same thing, i think, modern women struggle with. i think they'll find someone they feel like they could have talked to or could have known.

>> the image of the frailties, the insecurities, you see that, but also a woman who's really trying to improve upon herself as well.

>> i think her life story was about ambition, the combination of ambition and insecurity. how many of us -- we all can relate to that. she was constantly trying to improve herself, to be taken seriously as an artist. she made bold, strong moves in her life that i think are very, very surprising given the context of the 1950s .

>> interesting. we'll delve into that in a little bit. lily, i want to let you go ahead and read one of the verses, one of the letters, i guess, that she -- we discovered in this film. go ahead.

>> i am restless and nervous and scattered and jumpy. a few minutes ago i almost threw a silver plate into a dark area on the set. but i knew i couldn't afford to let anything out i really felt. in fact, i wouldn't dare because i wouldn't stop at that maybe. just before that, i almost threw up my whole lunch. i'm tired. i'm searching for a way to play this part. i'm depressed with my whole life since i first remember.

>> what did you learn in voicing and reading some of the material in this?

>> she is a lot deeper than i think we think of her as. i think she's searching. she's curious. she's conflicted. and she's trying to move through it. and i think we all just thought she was this passive thing who just floated through, but she didn't. she was very