TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

Hunky carpenters help homeowners on new show

Four hunky carpenters talk about their new TLC show “Honey Do,” which features handsome handymen helping fix those little things around the house that never seem to get repaired.

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>>> you got drippy faucettes, stained countertops, or squeaky doors that need some fixing, you wouldn't mind the hassle if these guys show up at your door to do it.

>> the handsome handymen on tlc's new show "honey do" to take on the things that never seem to get done around the house.

>> mind giving me a little spot? this is a little shaky. safety first.

>> the thing is if you're in my house, i need you to feel comfortable.

>> you got me?

>> got you.

>> awesome.

>> you need a spot, i'm your spot.

>> with a helper like you, your husband has no excuse.

>> i'm a real good spotter. you tell him that, okay?

>> i'm going to.

>> oh, my. i'm thinking the husbands don't like this all that much.

>> jonathan laws, benjamin patterson, kevin pete, and dan vicry, good to see you guys.

>> good to meet you.

>> we know that obviously you've got the right utensils and work equipment.

>> we do.

>> but do you know how to use it?

>> yes, we do.

>> you do?

>> yes.

>> and you're there to fix it, whatever it is that needs fixing.

>> yes.

>> as i mentioned, do the husbands ever say, when you all show up, unh-unh, get out.

>> yeah, a little bit, but that's part of what we're doing. we're motivating the husbands so we don't have to come back and do the work for them. so they want to step up to the plate and show them they can do this kind of stuff without us having to be there.

>> is all pretty easy stuff.

>> is they're all a little bit intimidated to start with, but it's all simple stuff we're showing them how to do. once they learn it, we don't need to come back again.

>> let's get to our little stations and start here first. i think one of the things that we always experience around the house, you have marble countertops, you spill a little wine, and that stain is not going away. what can we do to get rid that have?

>> hydrogen peroxide, take a little bit of that, soak your towel in that. what you do is just place it over the top and give it a little bit of pressure. let it soak.

>> you're not going to rub it in or anything?

>> no. just let it soak. you take some clear wrap here.

>> you don't have to worry about it affecting the enamel, the peroxide?

>> yes, because it's very easy and essentially something light on the surface. then you use books, something that's heavy, let it sit overnight, and give it a little bit of pressure to start with. after that, this is your --

>> fix it up.

>> the towel soaks up the stain.

>> very nice. okay. what have we got here?

>> this one is a common problem. say you change apartments, move into a new place, furniture's been taken out, and you've got an indentation in there, and you're looking at someone's old furniture marks for the next couple of years. instead, just your regular iron, put it on the steam setting about an inch from the surface. don't rub it over the surface. steam it up real nice, grab yourself a fork, and start pulling the fibers up. they just spring right back up to where you want it to be.

>> you've got an extra advantage. not only are you good looking but you've got the accent.

>> al is affected by the accent.

>> i am.

>> you like the accent?

>> i do like the accent. i do. i've got some areas up in the weather center i need you to come take a look at.

>> okay. it even worked on al. i'm just saying. jewelry. this is a problem a lot of ladies have where your necklaces end up knotted up, and you're going to show us a trick to get the knots out.

>> exactly. some of the smallest problems in the house can be your biggest headaches. when you've got a knot in any sort of small chain, but especially jewelry, the easiest way to get it out is to spray it with spray lubricant.

>> like a wd-40.

>> okay.

>> like for squeaky door hinges.

>> i'm thinking the compresseded air.

>> get a safety pin , get into the knot, and you should be able to slide it right apart. should be.

>> the oil helps loosen it up a little bit.

>> and it doesn't hurt the chain or anything like that?

>> and you can clean it up later with regular jewelry cleaner, if i can get the --

>> you keep working on that.

>> that requires a steady hand.

>> he knows what he's doing.

>> there it is. ta-dah!

>> a stripped screw. i've had this problem. you say a rubber band ?

>> you know. you're pretty handy, al, right? that's what i've heard. it's one of the most frustrating things you can deal with. you take a rubber band , put it over the hole and press down. the rubber squeezes into the cracks and crevices, gives you that extra bit of grip to now take out the stripped screw.

>> is impressive.

>> did you learn something today?