TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

10 items to help you travel smart all summer long

Summer travel plans are in full swing, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to get packing. Whether you’re flying the friendly skies or hitting the road, style expert Jene Luciani shares the items you should be putting in your suitcase this season.

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>> expert, best-selling author of "the bra book." good morning.

>> good morning. ready to take off here?

>> i'm ready. i'm all buckled in. i love our set.

>> natalie is so good, she buckled up when we sat down.

>> she follows those regulations.

>> i live by example. let's get to the bathing suit that you say is multipurpose. you can wear this on the beach and dress it up and wear it out at night as well.

>> that's what's so great. the folicity suit from aqua sphere can take you from water sports to the pool and out. it's got built-in padded cups, built-in shaping, and that's i added this great infinity scarf from tj maxx for under $20. so all these versatile items, you can pack less.

>> what about the dress? i'm told it can be worn 30 different ways.

>> yes. this is hypnotize. these are the coolest things. you can wear them 30 different ways. you can use it as a plane blanket, wear it like a cocktail dress , dress it up or down. again, you can wear one the entire trip.

>> when you're on the plane, all that sitting can be bad for the legs. you want to be concerned about your circulation. you've got the leggings you say are great for that.

>> absolutely. these are skinnies miracle toning skin care wear. they actually have built in hydrating ingredients like caffeine, shea butter , vitamin "e." and then also the compression garments, which is so important when you're traveling, and they're reversible.

>> they're cute. they've got little lace at the bottom.

>> so cute.

>> we need help here. we need some flight attendants .

>> ready? they're ready for work. let's bring up "today" show interns, a parade of "today" show interns. haley is here first. showing off perfect suitcase.

>> you need a great sturdy suitcase for your travel plans. this one is from marshall's for $69. great place to get all the lifestyle and travel items in one spot. and i love the pop of color because you know how you're like trying to search for your stuff in the baggage claim, and you can never see it. really trying to make it your own. have fun with it.

>> and the wheels that retate 360 degrees. ready for the next one?

>> let's bring out claire. every time we do it? i thought it was a one-time thing.

>> you've got to stay hydrated and have a good skin care regimen. air care was designed with that in mind. all carry-on compliance size, anti-aging. i use these products every day. they're amazing. anti-air skin care .com.

>> i think it's the captain now.

>> let's bring out corbin .

>> corbin is grooving to tunes because you want noise cancellation head phones.

>> should the captain be out in the cabin like this?

>> i'm not so sure that's safe. i always have the screaming kid behind me, and usually it's my kid. so you've got to have the noise cancelling headphones because they're from belladyne, and you can customize them with different skins. so cool.

>> he's moving to his own tune.

>> is we're not sure what corbin is dancing to, but that's for those.

>> the blow-up dummy up there going like this.

>> let's bring haley back out. keep your clothes smelling fresh.

>> you know how you get the musty suitcase smell and want to keep your clothes fresh the entire trip. i put bounce dryer sheets between every layer of clothing in the suitcase. keeps it fresh. and you can use it to eliminate static. and i never leave home without the tide to go stain eraser. they erase everything from red wine to olive oil . you come home, and you have your clothes still in the same condition.

>> let's bring claire out to talk about accessories. ready?

>> you know, natalie, ladies need a great place to store your jewelry that doesn't take up a lot of space. gemvelopes makes these great travel pouches. hold all your valuables, tons of things, tons of pockets, and i compared them with these designs by jude francis. interchangeable jewelry. one chain, lots of pendants. you bring one thing on the whole trip.

>> that's really cool. to all who played along today, thanks