TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

Flying bike prototype takes first test flight

Three companies in the Czech Republic have teamed up to create a prototype of a 200-pound flying electric bike that uses six battery-powered propellers.

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>>> google is the bicycle of the future. three companies in the czech republic have teamed up to develop a prototype of a flying electric bike . since battery powered propellors give the 200-pound flying machine its lift on wednesday. the gadget was flown by a dummy. i could do that. it's controlled remotely. they're hoping soon it could exist.

>> it always flies in a circle. you keep the cord plugged in. around and around.

>> you want to ride that, al?

>> no.

>> if those batteries give out and you're 15 feet up, that's a harsh landing.

>> once you've had e.t. guiding you through.