TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

Duchess Kate makes final pre-baby solo appearance

The Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance to christen one of the most glamorous cruise ships in the world, but after this week she will begin to prepare privately for the royal birth. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> this morning she's on her last official solo outing before the arrival of baby. michelle kosinski is in london with the details. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. people have been so anxious to see kate , but after this week, it will be her time to rest and prepare privately for the royal birth. before she becomes a mother, though, she will be a godmother this morning, christening ship called the " royal princess ." the crowd showers kate with hello and good-bye for a month.

>> i name this ship " royal princess ."

>> reporter: after this week, the next time we see the duchess, she will be a mother, and the world will know the future king or queen. kate is christening one of the biggest, most glamorous cruise ships in the world, but there was another " royal princess " cruise liner before her christened by princess diana .

>> may god bless her and all who sail in her.

>> reporter: back then her royal pregnancy was more tented than presented. kate 's glamour has been building, along with the excitement.

>> a very beautiful baby.

>> we get a royal birth like this once in a generation.

>> it should have a scottish name.

>> yes.

>> reporter: and as the summer social scene enters full whirl without kate this year, she is still very much present.

>> she dresses well?

>> every time. she's so appropriate.

>> reporter: now time for kate to step gracefully out of the public eye.

>> will the duchess of cambridge ever look huge, michelle? i don't think so. she's like the most svelte and sophisticated pregnant woman i've ever seen.

>> reporter: and the gender of the royal baby still a secret.

>> actually, to be fair, when we were in america with prince harry , we kind of pressed him on it, and he said, look, nobody knows what the sex is, least of all me. it had been reported he'd been telling friends it was a boy. he said, he'd have to be a clairvoyant to know that.

>> reporter: and royal watchers using their own sophisticated methods have calculated kate 's due date to be around july 13th . back to you guys.

>> all right. anyone want to guess?

>> boy or girl ?

>> the date or the gender?

>> either. take your pick.

>> i did so well with jenna bush hager . i'm going with a girl.

>> boy.

>> i'm feeling girl.

>> we'll see if we're right.

>> july 13th maybe. why not?

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