TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

Nearly 100 homes burned as fires rage in Colo.

The Black Forest Fire is reported to have grown to some 12,000 acres and remains out of control near Colorado Springs this morning as dozens of properties have been reduced to rubble. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> all that rain could have come in handy in colorado where a series of wildfires are waging on this morning. the fire is spreading andment proing increased evacuations. nbc's miguel almaguer has this story.

>> reporter: burning into its third day now, the black forest fire may have chewed up to 12,000 acres. it is unchecked, spreading out of control, as we get our first up close look at the damage. behind the fire lines with nearly 100 homes swallowed by flames, many million dollar properties have been reduced to mounds of rubble. the damage outside colorado springs stretches block after block. this morning crews are mopping up hot spots. some 300 homes were saved in the fire fight, but 3,400 others remain in the path of this out of control inferno. nearly 10,000 people can't go home.

>> we have a 20-month-old, and this morning she asked to go home. things like that are really hard.

>> reporter: for three days the black forest fire has swept across some 50 square miles of land. video taken by the " denver post " shows the fire's aggressive and erratic behavior after nightfall. despite a steady dose of an air and ground assault, crews have not beaten back flames. wednesday the fire split into two heads, moving in different directions.

>> it's still quite volatile, and i'll tell you, we are throwing everything at this we possibly can.

>> reporter: this morning the battle in some neighborhoods is over while in other communities it's just begun. this fire is still being fueled by whipping winds and bone dry conditions. there's some good news for firefighters on the weather end. we may get a break at least in terms of the wind. there are four major wildfires still burning across colorado, though this is the most significant and dangerous. matt?

>> miguel almaguer in colorado springs this morning. miguel , thank you