TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Quick, tasty, easy: Make this garlic-crusted shrimp dish

Aviva Goldfarb, founder of, shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how you can easily whip up a tasty garlic-crusted shrimp dish with ingredients that are most likely in your kitchen right now.

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>>> it is time for today's kitchen simple dinners, when we show you how you can make meals more quickly than heating up a frozen pizza.

>> aviva goldfarb is the author of "the six o'clock scramble." her recipe had to use ingredients already in the kitchen, unless you're hoda.

>> so funny.

>> hi, aviva .

>> hello. right here we're going to make a garlic crusted shrimp with cherry tomatoes and toasted panko.

>> wait, wait, wait, who has panko?

>> it's actually pretty common, but if you don't have panko, it's fine to use bread crumbs, it will work well, as well.

>> how do we do it?

>> we have olive oil heating up right here, we're going to add a tablespoon of butter. i like the combination, because you get the good healthy qualities from the oil, creaminess in the butter. would you like to add the shrimp to the pan? tails on, not the heads or the skin.

>> all right, just the tails.

>> brown nice and quickly.

>> yes, they do. very quickly.

>> as soon as they are starting to turn pink, what we're going to do is we're going to flip them. would you like to do the honors?

>> i can flip them. you can keep going. this will take a few minutes.

>> exactly. as soon as they are starting to get cooked, we add these little tab cherry tomatoes. this is a fun thing to do with the kids, pop out the seeds with your thumb. i'm going to go ahead and start to add these here.

>> we're pretending i flipped them.

>> pretty. look how fast they are flipped.

>> you want them to get a little bit kicked and we're also adding a tablespoon of fresh garlic. what we're going to do is crust up the shrimp a bit. we're going to mix these around a bit.

>> how long should you cook, five minutes, three minutes?

>> one or two minutes per side. hoda, what i'd love you to do is add parmesan cheese , it's going to help with the coating on the shrimp. thank you so much.

>> you're welcome.

>> then we have the toasted panko. and chopped parsley. that's everything. how quick is that? most people have a bag of frozen shrimp in their freezer.

>> look at this.

>> that's going to help. nice coating, and what we're going to do, would you like to put this on top?

>> yes, i would like to.

>> and here you have a gourmet -- oops, gourmet dinner in less time than it takes to heat a frozen pizza.

>> it does look good.

>> you can squeeze lemon on top.

>> tons of fresh lemon.

>> you can add salt and pepper , but you don't need a lot.

>> you have your panko, after all.

>> thank you so much, aviva goldfa goldfarb.

>>> tomorrow, latest cast-offs, people no longer on "the voice." we don't know. plus, amazing ambush makeovers that have everybody talking.

>> and what guys really want to know about your relationship.

>> none of their business.

>> and birthday bash for some grownups. have a great wines day, everyone.