TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Jill’s 8 nifty gadgets for the summer

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows off a variety of fun summer items, including a beach bag that allows sand to pass through it, a purse that charges your smartphones, and a men’s grill apron that holds all their cooking tools.

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>> it is time for today's style. we're getting ready for all your outdoor events.

>> as always, "today" contributor and contributing editor for people style watch and author jill martin has got the goods for us.

>> what do you have?

>> interesting layer drink. look how pretty this is if you're entertaining. is this easy, how does it work, it got a-plus from our food stylist allie. let me show you quickly how it works. i hope i can do this. on the bottom, you have the syrup, then you put in the juice, just to show this is dummy proof.

>> it's not.

>> it is. you know why?

>> you let the balls drop.

>> then the alcohol.

>> don't let that drop.

>> yeah, it works. it's layered and it stays like that.

>> for how long?

>> until you drink it. isn't that great?

>> gets to your stomach.

>> when you drink the top, are you just getting the liquor?

>> i guess you should mix it up. $22 if you're entertaining. now, you go to the beach, you have the big beach bags with sand in it. this is fabulous from quirky. i want to show how this works. you put sand, playing, sand gets in this one, then before you go home, the bottom is mesh, so the sand comes out.

>> everything has a little drop drawer.

>> isn't that great?

>> what about for your bathing suit?

>> inside has water proof pockets. did you read my note?, fabulous.

>> very cute.

>> for the kiddies, we have a model today, david who's in a personalized diaper cover from pottery barn kids . it has his initials on it.

>> he is so cute!

>> we have to see his face. come on, see his face.

>> i can't believe him. anyway --

>> oh, oh! hooray!

>> he's going home with somebody. we're going to have him for lunch.

>> diaper covers. ashlynn and alana.

>> then we'll have to make them up. i got plain ones. this i know you're going to say does this really work, we charged it overnight. it is a purse with a built-in charger for your iphone and it gives you a whole nother -- look at this, look at this. it's charging.

>> i love it, i love it. it's fabulous.

>> preorders, zero to 100% in about a minute. any bouquet, you can get one for a dude, if you want to high-five someone, $40.

>> wow.

>> i love this paper design, look at all these different ones. you can pick all different paper place mats.

>> how lovely.

>> they are paper. you get 25 for $30.

>> $14. i love to work in bed. put cereal on it.

>> do your best work in bed.

>> cereal, coffee, feel how soft this is.

>> it's like a husband.

>> i could use this. i could use this for numerous reasons.

>> oh, hello. hey.

>> say hello to corbin.

>> usually i don't like to be snuck up on, but today i'll make an exception.

>> show them your salt and pepper . this holds 100 tools for everybody, from think geek , it's under $30. is this fabulous?