TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

LOL! What’s that guy doing in that fountain?

TODAY’s Sara Haines shares photos from viewers that will make you laugh out loud, including one that seems to show a man answering nature’s call in a Rockefeller Plaza fountain. But appearances can be deceiving….

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>>> oh, yes, wines day wednesday, you know what that means.

>> what?

>> we do what the what, take a look at all those pictures.

>> sara has been exhausted from going through them all, two of them. how many do we got?

>> let begin with our cash-in winner from last week, this photo.

>> talented child.

>> ouch. the winning caption is "ouch." next time we should just buy a tape measure.

>> cute.

>> that's going to leave a mark. okay.

>> doesn't look like he's in pain, though. looks like he does that every day.

>> i think he's a gymnast or singlet wrestler.

>> doesn't look too upset.

>> next week's caption photo is at the end. the first photo is from -- chris and richards from norwalk, connecticut. maybe we should find a new family business . slaughter & son.

>> they used a nice font.

>> that's kind of creepy. next from cathy hills. speaking of slaughter, hot shot roach and aunt killer for the angry nephews and nieces everywhere.

>> wow.

>> our third photo is from waynesboro, pennsylvania. if i have to call ahead, walk-in clinic, please call ahead. why am i calling if it's a walk-in clinic?

>> they haven't thought it through.

>> clearly. finally, this photo.

>> that is hysterical.

>> such awkward and perfect placement all at once.

>> genius.

>> he's the only guy, depending on all the commercials you read and watch, he's the only one who doesn't have a problem down there.

>> next week's photo --

>> how many commercials, doesn't anybody's work?

>> apparently not. go ahead.