TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

What was Bob Saget’s TV name on ‘Full House’?

How many kids does Brad Pitt have? Who was Will’s father figure on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”? TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Billboard’s Bill Werde, test viewers’ knowledge.

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>>> wines day wednesday with more of "today," and we are ready to play our weekly trivia game called who knew. today we're celebrating all the wonderful dads out there with a look at memorable fathers in tv and movies. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to hand out $100 to those who get the answers right, and guess who don't get the answers right get, kathie lee 's cd. that was made-up applause. here to help me in the studio, billboard magazine 's editorial director bill werde. are we ready, bill?

>> so ready.

>> let's play.

>> you're from dallas, right? in tv's full house , bob played a single father raising three girls. what was his character's name, jesse, joey, danny, or steve? anybody know? all right.

>> c?

>> yeah.

>> wow. danny tanner .

>> danny tanner . i love this, because bob sagett, of course, was going to originally be called house of comics, then with family morals being popular on tv at the time, they changed the whole thing, if you're bob, had to hurt, because he works a little blue as a comedian. he's like the poster child for the nicest dad in the world.

>> he's raunchy, isn't he?

>> he's a lot raunchy. look at this darling lady from florida. guess what, look right behind her, another one.

>> she's older, though.

>> of course. in the fresh prince of bel air , who is will's father figure?

>> uncle bernie? i get one of your cds, right?

>> she's so happy!

>> she wanted the cd. she threw that.

>> uncle phil is the correct answer.

>> quincy jones was an executive director on the show, so uncle phil worked for the law firm , a nod to one of quincy's favorite bands, earth, wind, and fire.

>> you are so smart.

>> i just read things.

>> where are you from, iowa?

>> hi, dad!

>> in the 2003 comedy, old school, vince vaughn played a father who coined what parenting term, zip it, ear muffs , gloves, or shut it?

>> ear muffs !

>> there with you. okay.

>> ear muffs it is.

>> he just had his second child in april. ear muffs , of course, he was like, ear muffs , his kid would go like this and he'd unleash a torrent of obscenities.

>> back across to kathie.

>> from virginia, in a harris poll , look at her, she's already out, which tv father was voted the one most adults would like to have had growing up? mike brady from brady bunch , jim anderson from father knows best , cliff from the cosby show , or homer simpson from the simpsons?

>> jim anderson ?

>> that would be grandfather.

>> she didn't know who that was.

>> right answer, cliff, she was young, anyone who grew up at that age, outside of my father, martin, everyone in the world wanted him to be their dad. i'm relieved he's not still on the air so my kids don't know how inferior i am to cliff. never got mad in how many episodes on the show?

>> brad pitt has how many children to celebrate father's day with? four, five, six, or seven?

>> she's going to enjoy this so much.

>> the correct answer, six.

>> six. she might be right by the time the show is over. let's not count it out. brad pitt told "people" magazine, one of my favorite details in his house, the rule is the children can't google brad pitt or angelina jolie .

>> from michigan and turning 40 tomorrow, you look good, honey, happy birthday . in a 1993 classic big screen comedy, robin williams is forbidden to see his children without supervision. what character does he become?

>> mrs. doubtfire.

>> absolutely.

>> i love that movie. that was such a great one.

>> creepiest looking grandmother ever. the thing about mrs. doubtfire a lot of people don't know is this started an andy kaufman show in 1979 in carnegie hall . he's on stage this big show , has his grandmother come out, it's a touching moment. at the end of the show , she gets her to take a bow and his grandmother rips off her wig, rips off her face and it's robin williams .

>> god, again, genius.

>> i work hard for you.

>> thanks for coming.

>>> she was an american idol , but what is she doing now? fantasia fills us in right after this. discover explosive volume... that's smooth and even.