TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

What would say something if you saw a friend cheating?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss whether you’d say something to a friend, who is in a dating relationship or marriage, if you saw them out on the town with someone other than their significant other.

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>>> hello, everybody, you have joined us for wines day wednesday, june 12th . welcome, everybody.

>> hello.

>> neither of us watched "the voice" last night, although it was a big night to watch "the voice."

>> what were you doing, i was down at the point with frank and his binoculars, what were you doing?

>> i was out with a friend. any who, we want to recap what happened last night. this is a big reveal, we're all surprised together. five singers left. you and i picked who we thought should be eliminated, on the basis of what we heard thought should be eliminated.

>> we both thought michelle would be the one to go and you thought danielle and i thought amber. now we are going to see two of the people who were selected.

>> okay. that means there's one left.

>> wait a second. wait a second. you were wrong. okay. there's only one -- left. i'm going with the swan brothers, but oh, my god, that means --

>> that means the african-american young girl --

>> sasha, i love sasha.


>> no accounting for taste in this world. no, really. music, so many things, the arts are subjective. they are completely subjective things. congratulations to everybody.

>> i'm still going to put my money on the swan brothers till the end. that was thrilling and exciting. another show we didn't see, because we're not sitting around watching tv .

>> we actually have a life.

>>> from love to this.

>> i'm sorry, but their headlines are crazy. first of all, you don't know what goes with what.

>> "plug the leak" has nothing to do with her. that's a whole different thing. you have to read the fine print to understand it.

>> the story in the "new york post" was this model named layla goodbody, anyway, she allegedly said that she had an affair with kanye.

>> she says that she had an affair, it's alleged until we discover if it's true. is there any reason to make that -- maybe not. legal wants us to be very careful.

>> she is claiming, allegedly.

>> no, she is claiming. she is claiming.

>> supposedly.

>> it's a he said/she said, but mostly she said thing. we reached out, of course, to kim and to kanye's groups and neither of them have gotten back to us.

>> anyway, she says that he had sex with her behind kim 's back. and there are details in the article that talk about it. she's a dancer and they were at a club, et cetera , et cetera .

>> she is an athletic dancer, acrobatic one.

>> anyway --

>> one wonders whether she was paid for her story. you never know. one wonders if she just wants attention and it's not true at all. you know, any time you are a well-known person, you are a target.

>> you're right.

>> let's hope it's not true.

>> it raises questions. this is one of those things when it comes to cheating, i think a lot of women have an instant reaction when they hear a story about cheating, because that old anger comes up because it reminds you of what happened in your world. there's a question, i think, if you were out at night with friends and you looked over and saw a dear friend of yours, husband, boyfriend, whatever, flirting with another girl --

>> we talked about this the other day about the guys on the train.

>> what would you do if it was someone close to you, a friend?

>> depends, first of all, how close you are to the guy that you find cheating. i would let him know by going, say, to the ladies room. oh, fred, fred. hi, who's this?

>> uh-huh.

>> yes. i didn't know you had a sister. that kind of thing. then i would let him know. afterwards, i would contact him privately and say, you have something you want to explain? because if you don't have something to explain, then i'm going to have to explain it to my friend, because i love her too much. either you're going to tell her or i'm going to tell her and give him the opportunity to do the right thing.

>> give them a time frame .

>> the truth is, it's going to come out some day, some how. just better to deal with these things, get it over with. if there's something to save, they save it.

>> give them the opportunity.

>> i would definitely give the opportunity to do the right thing, since he's doing the wrong thing.

>> if it were my sister, my best friend , someone who was family to me, i would immediately tell my sister, best friend , et cetera . i wouldn't even go up to the guy and say anything. look, i was at a club, he didn't see me, he was with a girl, it looked terrible. if it was someone i was friendly or friend of, i would either stay out of it or might say to the guy, make sure he knew i was there.

>> what if it was jerry?

>> if it was jerry, he would never be jerry.

>> we asked you all what you thought on facebook .

>> i don't know if they remember the story. this is a great snack we're going to talk about, but there was a woman on the train, a bunch of guys talking about their wives and how they were cheating on their wives.

>> and how stupid their wives were for not knowing.

>> this woman took a picture and posted it on facebook . she went on to say, if this is your husband and explained what they were discussing. we asked if it was okay to shame people publicly on facebook . 57% of people said yes, it is okay, and 43% says, no, it's never appropriate.

>> government knows now, so why not? everybody knows everything already.

>> we have to talk about these, because these look so good.

>> kim and kye have reached out and said it is completely false.

>> that's what we were going to say. good, good.

>> here is something -- they've been coming up with all these wild sandwiches. this is a crispy cream sloppy joe . did we make this ourselves?

>> yes, we did.

>> this is our version.

>> i had one made for you without cheese.

>> it's a krispy kream donut. it's all sweet and savory. you know it's going to be good.

>> it's going to be obscene.

>> oh, my god. oh, my god. that's so bad. that is the best thing i've ever --

>> let's live there for a minute.

>> please, don't. don't get this around me. look how messy it is.

>> that is something i would have thought i would hate that.

>> so delicious.

>> it would be inhuman to hate that.

>> oh. that is so -- oh, my god. that is totally and completely spectacular.

>> that was made by chicken charlie, who is known for making disgusting things like that, frying everything and taking them to state fairs , because god knows we have an epidemic of people who are too thin in this country. doing his best to help us with that.

>> we have to talk about this cash that happened to be sitting on our table. can you see, we have piles of cash here. this is here because there was a mother/daughter duo who were trying to smuggle money into the country.

>> which is illegal. you have to declare how much you have on you. they were on their way to lebanon, and we don't know why.

>> who cares, point is, they stuffed all this dough in their bra. they were patted down and --

>> the one woman had --

>> $59,000. is this $59,000?

>> no, it's a little less than that, because i took some myself. just to see if it could be done.

>> where did you put it?

>> where the sun don't shine.

>> where did that come out of, i missed it.

>> right there, baby, nobody noticed a thing, because i was eating crap. that's the thing of magic, take the eye away from something else.

>> what do you usually stuff in there?

>> lip gloss, always, always, always. got it right there in the cleavage.

>> so you can pull it out and use it whenever you want?

>> a credit card usually.

>> doesn't that ruin it if it gets wet in there? it gets wet in there, trust me.

>> no, it doesn't.

>> favorite word, moist.

>> our least favorite words are moist, ooze, and hole.

>> i don't like crevice either, okay?