TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Restaurant raises prices and eliminates tipping

The TODAY anchors chat about some of the topics making headlines, including a sushi restaurant that has announced it is eliminating tips in favor of higher prices.

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>> have your annual meeting with the meteorologists of the world, take this day and bottle it.

>> we have a clubhouse.

>> is it up in a tree somewhere.

>> it's the american meteorological society in boston. it's beautiful.

>> this day is what you want.

>> it's not going to last sadly. big rains coming tomorrow.

>> my kids have a joint birthday party it was scheduled for tomorrow my wife yesterday looked at the forecast and we moved the whole thing to today.

>> amazing. she's good at that.

>> that is amazing.

>> she is really good. take one, there is a great debate underway in this country whether you know it or not. started by a new york restaurant. they have eliminated tipping all together at the restaurant in keeping with japanese tradition. they don't tip in japan so the restaurant increased the price of the sushi and tacked on a 15% service charge which strikes me as the tip is included. isn't that what it means?

>> they increased the price of the sushi.

>> and tipped themselves 15%.

>> here's my own tip and i'm charging you more.

>> but you don't have to leave additional money.

>> we asked on the question would you rather pay more or would you rather leave a tip? are you okay with no tipping whatsoever. 59% of you at said u.s. restaurants should abollish tipping all together.

>> i don't agree with that. i tip more than 15% probably.

>> yeah.

>> sue simmons said there's the celebrity tax. she said because you're in the public eye you have to tip more. so anywhere between 25 and 30%.

>> definitely.

>> to tip. but i feel that that's part of -- if there's no incentive for good service --

>> and you expect the good service for that kind of tipping. the question is if you build it into the price does that mean the waiters and waitresses and the staff will become more complacent perhaps knowing i'm getting money anyway and it's going to be a set amount every week, week to week.

>> i also don't trust that the restaurant is giving the waiters as much as an increase in pay as they would get from the tips.

>> we heard lawsuits about that. even about the money in the tip jars with starbucks recently.

>> i also think anyone that's ever worked a job like that. all of us have. delivering pizza.

>> i was a cocktail waitress one summer.

>> there you go. you appreciate what the person has done and the work they do.

>> it's a hard job. that's one of the hardest jobs there is besides being a parent. you have to remember a lot.

>> you have to deal with the public.

>> and always have a smile on your face and the customer is always right. we'll talk about that coming up later on.

>> hey, what do you want? hey --

>> go get it yourself.

>> and this is what you're getting and you'll pay extra for that.

>> but they're great waiters.

>> seriously great service.

>> but they're part of the charm.

>> you pay more for the grouchy.

>> waiter sharpening a knife while you order.

>> take 2, climate conflict between the sheets . the wall street journal this morning, the front page , some like it cold. apparently one of the big conflicts between couples.

>> every night in my house.

>> 43% of couples complain about bedroom temperature. this is a big fight you have all the time.

>> i like to be really under the covers. i like the air to be on but my husband is like no covers. so it's an on going and in the car it's even worse because you can't really control.

>> but now you can.

>> not really. not when you're in the passenger seat you still get the cold air or hot air from the other person.

>> they have these vents that move.

>> it's true. i like to put my seat on so hot.

>> do you do the seat warmer.

>> in the summer.

>> it's so toasty.

>> i do it too.

>> you do?

>> just to get a little something.

>> our 14-year-old comes in a lot and wants to talk but she lays on my side of the bed and i like my sheets cool, i like the pillow cool and i'm just holding my -- finally i'm like get off my side of the bed. lay on your mother's side of the bed or lay at the foot of the bed.

>> or when they come in and sleep with us at night they are like sweaty little masses right between you.

>> why are they so hot.

>> you wake up and you're like give me a towel.

>> that's always a moment of terror when you wake up and there's a sweaty 3-year-old in your face.

>> and you don't have any kids.

>> and that's the strange thing.

>> it's even more weird. where did you come from? okay.

>> sick and inappropriate now that i'm processing it.

>> bonus points.

>> it worked. take three, this one zbrosgross, the dirt on hand washing . you were talking about this, a new study shows 95% of people fail to wash their hands long enough to kill bacteria. two third of people use soap and 1 in 10 people skip the sink all together.

>> mostly men. can we say that.

>> mostly men.

>> no, they say 1 in 10 men.

>> how many women skip.

>> well, i don't know.

>> yeah right.

>> the research did say men were the worst offenders. 1 in 10 wash their hands.

>> but women are also offenders of that.

>> you made the point earlier this morning which is the important point for a guy. you're at the sink, washing your hands, guy comes out of a stall, we all know what's happening and they bolt right to the exit. i want to stop and say are you kidding me.

>> really? really? and the problem is here our restroom is up on the second floor not far from the pantry and you see sometimes people make that move toward the pantry and it's like no, no. now stop right now. back away.

>> at least here you know who they are and you can call them out on that but when you're in a public restroom .

>> yeah, kathie lee .

>> oh.

>> i've seen her wash her hands. the rule is, though, you have to sing the happy birthday song twice through.

>> we can't.

>> we can't sing it.

>> wheels on the bus.

>> here we go. wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town wheels on the bus go swish, swish, swish the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish all through the town.

>> this is the matt lauer version. you'd have to play it over and over .

>> so the cdc says 20 seconds.

>> jerry, you're done now. you're ready for surgery, okay.

>> 15 to 20 seconds america.

>> that's a long time when you think about it. i was washing my hands and sitting there counting and thinking this is forever in a day.

>> i think 10 is plenty.

>> they say it's not. not according to the cdc.