TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

An expert guide to summertime fishing

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to go fishing. Eric Young, host of Animal Planet’s “Off the Hook,” offers his expert advice on the best gear, bait, and places to go fishing.

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>>> father's day as hopefully you know by now is on sunday. a great day to get out on the water and do fishing.

>> it's fun to do all summer long. if you don't know how to fish, we brought in a pro. not just any pro. check it out.

>> i'm eric young , prowrestler. on the job, i'm a little extreme. but even out of the ring, i'm an adrenaline junkie and my fix is fishing.

>> look at the size of this.

>> so to beat the rush i'm taking this beard on the road to meet the craziest fishermen in america.

>> wow.

>> that will be show time eric young host of "off the hook" give us a smack down now.

>> i do host the fishing show on animal planet super fun.

>> all right. we'll you'll show us -- [ yelling ]

>> that is real. what are you talking about. get that thing off of me.

>> just hold it one second.

>> the first thing is conquering your fear when it comes to baiting the rod.

>> the first part is getting the bait on the rod.

>> or having the guys do it for you.

>> that's what i do on the show.

>> you have the other guys do it for you.

>> look at that boy. that guy is no joke.

>> that's a canadian.

>> we got the gear.

>> polarized sunglasses are important. the fishermen always see stuff and i don't wear them because then i'm the man with no face, beard, hat, sunglasses and i'm like how do they see that stuff? but it helps you see. different lures, hooks, plugs, different flavors for different kinds of fish.

>> it's important to get the important fishing license.

>> it's 5 to $30 a year. depending on where you fish.

>> you can do it online easily.

>> what kind of bait are we talking about?

>> these are earth worms. it's not real. it's a robotic worm we brought in special for television today.

>> sure, yes.

>> these are sand worms. these you find in the ocean. a little bit different. super cool looking. i don't imagine it tastes very good.

>> what about minnows.

>> that's a proper bait that would go --

>> believe it or not as i kid i used to fish.

>> remind me to never go fishing with natalie.

>> you're a natural. you can tell.

>> what are we looking at here?

>> this is an american catfish but it's an albino. i'll reach in here and grab it for natalie.

>> it wants nothing to do for me.

>> this is the only time you're going to be close to an albino catfish.

>> what are these guys -- these are common eels --

>> they're electric.

>> do you grab those.

>> those are actually really hard to grab and hold on to.

>> i bet. then you've got these little baby fishing rods. i love those.

>> yeah i brought these. these are for ice fishing . everyone gets their own.

>> this is my custom boat.

>> why are they so small.

>> i was going to get the pink one but you could have it.

>> how bad was giada de laurentiis at fishing?

>> teach us how to do this the right way.

>> what we're going to do -- the best thing is take your trigger finger and hold it on the line just like that and then you'll open this part. it's not going to be real easy --

>> you'll show us this in just a second. we have to take a little break here. this is "today" on nbc.