TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Ouch! Dad’s model airplane zooms into his face

If you’re thinking of getting your dad a model airplane for Father’s Day, you may want to think twice. In this viral video, when a dad hurls his model airplane into the air, it boomerangs and crashes right into his head.

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>>> to resist buying dad a model airplane . check it out.

>> whoa.

>> see where where that's going.

>> whoa. wow. that's if gift that keeps giving.

>> didn't see that one coming.

>> right back.

>> like the boomerang airplane.

>> he's going to be fine. that's the good news.

>> maybe they should talk about a pair of glasses. it's coming right at him. it looks like it's in 3-d.

>> and the hard push.

>> come on, one more time.

>> let's get that back.

>> we're so glad he's okay.

>> he's going to have a little indentation in the forehead but he's fine.