TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

As couples wed older, are wedding gifts a waste?

TODAY’s Professionals – Star Jones, Donny Deutsch, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman – chat about the hot topics of the day, including whether wedding gifts are no longer appropriate because couples are marrying older and are already established.

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>>> we're back now at 8:37 with today's professionals. here to tackle the stories that have you talking, star jones , donny and nancy snyderman .

>> most people know the fundamentals of the story right now. edward snowden leaked classified documents uncovering this government surveillance program. simple question. is edward snowden a traitor who deserves to be published to the full extent of the law or is he a whistle blower who deserves the protection of the law. why don't i start with you the lawyer.

>> he is a criminal. there's no question what so ever. when you sign on to this sort of job, you sign on knowing that you may not release classified information , period. you are a criminal. and whether or not you are a traitor or a whistle blower, is that to be determined by a courtroom.

>> he says he thinks it's important for people to know the program is in assistance and allow public debate on the program.

>> it's important for ice to be in ice water but that's not the point. he is a criminal.

>> he is a traitor with a capital t. they're not spying on 35 million americans or looking that i called you last night and said how was dinner. this is only if there's 70 calls to yemen. this protects us and the american public is not entitled to know everything the government is doing to protect us. this is reality. this is the new world and unfortunately this man made us a lot less safe because maybe potential the next terrorist attack we were going to get we might not get because know what is going on.

>> i think it goes to something that's even more interesting and that is the number of contractors who aren't government workers who are hired because they're young and geeky and they are have computer skills but they also don't have a sense of patriotism or belong anywhere so their since of right and wrong is different than how we see it. he absolutely crossed the line. we put people in office to come up with these ideas and we trust them.

>> 30 seconds to wrap this up. anybody else surprised in reading some of the articles about this that 1.4 million people in this country have top secret clearance.

>> i was shocked by that.

>> that's huge.

>> and these are people in the private sector not working for the government but for me i'm not doing anything wrong i don't mind if there's cameras on me.

>> that's a whole different level.

>> i'm not asking you to violate privacy but you must follow the law.

>> paris jackson , we know about a week ago tried to take her own life by slitting her wrists, taking drugs. she is now recovering. there's people starting to speculate about what might be best for her in the future to continue living with the person that has custody of her, her grandmother catherine jackson and the extended jackson family or perhaps to go back and live if debbie rowe were to seek custody, to live with debbie rowe . what's the best outcome in your opinion.

>> as a parent i don't know. i can't make a statement and say the grandmother, the mother, who ever is the more loving responsible parent. that's who a kid should be with.

>> does debbie rowe have any legal standing here?

>> i would assume michael jackson had her give up all parental rights . if that is the fact, she does not have legal standing . the court will make the determination on the best interest of the child .

>> california is a different place since the dad is not alive they give her a different voice. it's tough to be a 15-year-old and have parents that are high profile and a dysfunctional high profile family.

>> do you think paris jackson is in a place where as a teen she will grow out of these troubles or do you have concern.

>> the spotlight is too hard on this child right now.

>> i'm skipping ahead to our fourth topic, there's this, the tradition of giving wedding gifts when two people get married. someone in an article called in to question this because people are getting married at an older age. no longer are they 18 or 19-year-old kids that need everything to establish a household and life like china and silverware. most people have certain things like that by the time they get married. should we do away with giving wedding gifts.

>> savannah is laughing. she is getting married. you get nothing, nothing, nothing.

>> clearly she is very into it.

>> i think the older the marriage is the more inappropriate it is for 23-year-olds getting this stuff for people older than 23 like savannah hugs and charity, something like that.

>> i agree.

>> if you are a wedding guest you do what the bride wants you to do. simple and plain. i like the fact that you're having a groom but you do what the bride wants you to do. you get two. whatever you want baby, that's what we're going to do.

>> you choose the snuggie you're getting.

>> what would you tell people.

>> i don't want to out myself but we have talked about this and i think we're going to ask people to give -- we're going to pick charities that mean something to us.

>> that's a classy thing to do.

>> class lives on at the