TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

John Stamos turns the interview tables on Matt

Best known as Uncle Jesse on “Full House,” actor John Stamos chats with the TODAY anchors about guest-starring in the third season of the USA show “Necessary Roughness.” He also talks about his new Web series with documentarian Morgan Spurlock, “Losing Your Virginity with John Stamos,” and offers to make Matt his first guest.

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>> you.

>> when you think guest stars , you'll be in all ten episodes.

>> yeah it's great. have you ever seen the show? they sort of reworked it this season and i'm the ceo of a big sports and talent agency and i play sort of like the guy that lords over it and it's actually like football, one week she helps like a lindsey lohan character and one week she helps a baseball player, one week she helps a self-help guy and through the ten episodes there's a mystery going on and it peels the onion and you don't know if i'm behind it or not.

>> do you even know if you are a good guy or bad guy ? because you already shot 8 episodes or so.

>> i'm a good guy.

>> we know you are.

>> i'll be reading how am i going to get out of this. well he got himself out of that one.

>> i need to ask --

>> which one.

>> excuse me.

>> you can get closer. there's a show called losing your virginity with john stamos what is that about.

>> it's a show where i interview celebrities, like you for instance matt and we talk about -- it's not dirty and detail oriented. it's sort about how you fell during that time. the emotional time. the loss of innocence. how you felt. there's a lot of humor. we recreate the activity.

>> recreate --

>> what?

>> animated possibly.

>> what?

>> we also maybe talk to the person, the other person.

>> reunite them with the person.

>> reunite them.

>> and matt lauer is first --

>> look at the time.

>> how old were you matt?