TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Girlfriend of NSA leaker: I feel ‘lost at sea’

Acrobatic dancer Lindsay Mills was just as shocked as the rest of the world when her boyfriend, Edward Snowden, fled to Hong Kong to expose details of the NSA’s surveillance program. She writes on her blog: “Sometimes life doesn’t afford proper goodbyes.” NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> we'll begin this half hour with more on edward snowden , the man that exposed the government's secret surveillance programs as his relationship with his long time girlfriend. kate snow explains her life is turned upside down.

>> reporter: good morning. lindsey mills is her name and his daughter was edward snowden 's girlfriend. mills called her boyfriend hermann of mystery and she had no idea what he was up to or that he was about to put her in the center of an international spotlight.

>> lindsey mills was working hard to become an accomplished acrobatic dancer in honolulu. her blog chronicals her life in hawaii, trips to other islands, hikes and swims in the ocean. sweet breeze smelling of spring she wrote about a month ago, i feel at peace. but her last post tells a new story. my world has opened and closed all at once leaving me lost at sea without a compass. that message this monday came one day after her boyfriend admitted he was the guy responsible for leaking information about a secret government surveillance program. as i type this on my tear-streaked keyboard i'm reflecting on all the faces that have graced my past, the ones i've laughed with. the one i've held, the one i've grown to love the most but sometimes life doesn't afford proper good-byes.

>> she's in shock. she told friends she is in disbelief. she can't belief this happened.

>> reporter: the washington postreporter says they spent their teenager years in the washington d.c. suburbs. mill's father spoke to reporters tuesday.

>> i saw her two months ago when she came to visit for a week.

>> did she have her boyfriend with her at the time. have you ever met him.

>> yeah.

>> what do you think of him.

>> very nice. shy, reserved.

>> reporter: on her blog she referred to her boyfriend as e. in recent months she posted dozens of photos describe a move to a new rental in hawaii. got the keys to our new house yesterday she captioned the photo. three weeks ago around the time she posted video of this performance she said her boyfriend's parents were due to visit. according for the guardian newspaper snowden left for hong kong he left and told his girlfriend he had to leave for awhile and keeping things vague.

>> he doesn't know what will happen from here or how to feel normal. she was hoping for better luck in june. she had no idea her life was about to change so dramatically.