TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Fans rave about Superman’s return in ‘Man of Steel’

The movie has yet to officially be released, but buzz is building about “Man of Steel” and early viewers are giving glowing reviews, calling it a “darker, edgier, cooler Superman.” Jason Kennedy of E! reports.

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>>> we're back now at 7:49 with a question, does superman have what it takes for box office gold. jason kennedy takes a look at the buzz surrounding man of steel.

>> in my world it means hope.

>> well, here it's an s.

>> reporter: it's super man for a new generation. man of steel opening friday is a high okay tan reboot of the 75-year-old d.c. comic franchise. this is not your grandfather's super man. with the help of cgi the new man of steel is better, stronger and faster than ever before.

>> we are making superman for goodness sake. it's -- it's seriously cool.

>> cool but does it live up to all the hype.

>> it was incredible. awesome, amazing.

>> with a $200 million price tag there's a lot of pressure on the man of steel to fly high . especially after the last adventure on the big screen . 2006 's super man returns was box office kriptonite.

>> the superman character has been around since we were born but he's still a character that lives strong in people's imaginations.

>> but this time around with so many super heros on the big screen , will viewers head to theaters faster than a speeding bullet to see man of steel.

>> i don't think man of steel can approach what ironman made which is 175 million but i think a $100 million opening is not out of the question.

>> i've seen it four times.

>> i'll go see it again, absolutely.

>> this weekend's box office receipts will tell if superman is