TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Firefighters battle massive Colorado blaze

Fueled by record-setting heat and low humidity, the Black Forest Fire has raced through neighborhoods in Colorado Springs consuming home after home, as firefighters struggle to contain it. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> wild fires were being fuelled by record temperatures and high winds .

>> they're big one. the largest is an hour outside the city of denver. several there are under mandatory evacuation orders. miguel, good morning to you.

>> good morning, the black forest fire cut a path of destruction here. the blaze chewed across 8,000 acres, dozens of homes have been lost and this morning the fire is 0 percent contained.

>> fuelled by record setting he's and humid the black forest fire raced through this colorado springs neighborhood, flames consuming home after home after home. up to 60 feared destroyed. the smoke plume towering thousands of feet in the air.

>> as you can tell weather is not working with us right now.

>> reporter: today more than 2500 homes are in danger. more than 5,000 people driven out by the flames.

>> i drove home but they wouldn't let me in but the smoke -- i could see it from the north side of denver. i'm sorry, i'm shaking.

>> reporter: larry evacuated with his family but returned to get a neighbor's horse to safety.

>> horse was freaked out. tied him to the back of the truck and pulled him out.

>> reporter: across colorado five fires are burning today. the royal gorge fire charred 3,000 acres. locals fear for the iconic royal gorge privilege. one of the highest in the world.

>> i question how it could be possible for structures on both sides to be burning and the bridge to survive.

>> reporter: across the state resources are stretched thin. at the black forest fire more than 150 firefighters are on scene. this morning, dozens of homes are gone. a number officials fear will only rise. on the front lines today they're expecting another scorching day of temperatures. the big story line this afternoon is going to be those winds. if they are calm, that will assist firefighters who have a heavy day of air attacks planned.

>> miguel as always thank you very much.