TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Congressmen push NSA to declassify records

As the National Security Agency works to assess the damage from the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, members of Congress are requesting information be declassified so they can review it. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> at home, there's new questions about the government's massive surveillance program being asked on capitol hill today as federal agents search for and build a case against the man that leaked the classified information . andrea mitchell is nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondence. good morning to you.

>>> good morning matt. there's growing pressure on the intelligence community even from supporters in congress. they asked the head of the national security agency to declassify more information about the archiving of telephone records even as the aclu is suing the government claiming it's an invasion of privacy.

>> reporter: the head of the national security agency returns to capitol hill today expected to face more tough questions from senators over the nsa leaks as edward snowden remains on the run. house and senate members got an early damage assessment tuesday.

>> we have a significant oversight obligation to watch them carefully and ensure they're not misused.

>> reporter: ron is pushing to declassify the program and demanding information from james clapper from denying the records were collected.

>> it's not possible for the congress to do the kind of vigorous oversight that the president spoke about if you can't get straight answers.

>> reporter: three tech companies google, microsoft and facebook announced they're asking for the government permission to make public the number of secret court orders they have been forced to comply with. the number is less than reports claimed. as for snowden , the fbi is focussing on his computer trail trying to build a case against him and if he had help.

>> they're trying to figure out how much access he had and how much his administrative privileges allowed him to look into the system.

>> reporter: meanwhile, nbc news confirms lindsey mills is the girlfriend snowden left behind in hawaii. mill's father told them his impression of snowden .

>> he always had strong convictions of right and wrong and it kind of makes sense, put still shocked.

>> reporter: and then there is this. in the last few days amazon sales of 1984 have zoomed at times by 6,000%.

>> we'll be talking about that in a little while. thank