TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

5 food groups with unexpectedly high sugar

Samantha Cassetty from Good Housekeeping explains that your favorite desserts and soda aren’t the only things that are high in sugar; you should also be careful when selecting breakfast sandwiches, iced coffee and frozen meals.

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>>> everybody knows it is hard to lose weight.

>> what you may not know is that some of your favorite snacks and meals seem like healthier options but they are actually loaded with hidden sweeteners.

>> here with all the great news --

>> good housekeeping's nutrition director, samantha cassidy.

>> hello, samantha.

>> it is all hidden stuff.

>> all hidden. you're going to reach your limit before you've even had dessert.

>> hoda is not happy about that. you say that's the amount of sugar you should be having.

>> no more than six teaspoons. that's 12 sugar kubcubes. we get about 22 teaspoons a day.

>> how many calories?

>> 22 teaspoons? i'm not good at math.

>> breakfast stuff. you wouldn't expect sugar .

>> these are savory sandwiches. this is the mcgriddle from mcdonald's, this is a panera french toast bagel. they all have more than eight teaspoons of sugar .

>> why would they add sugar to eggs --

>> it's in the bread. it is the whole savory-sweet thing.

>> these drinks are full of sugar .

>> these are mind blowing. this dunkin' donuts coffee colada, more than 12 teaspoons.

>> how many calories?

>> a lot. milk has natural sugar and that's okay. fruit sugars are okay. get the latte.

>> you can get a skim one of these.

>> this is the skim.

>> oh, like i said. wow! that's hidden.

>> this is a mocha drink from starbucks. this has more than seven teaspoons. 14 sugar cubes . these are summer barbecue meals. that looks like a danty amount of toppings, just a half a cup --

>> relish around ketchup.

>> we have more than six teaspoons of sugar in this meal. that's like your daily limt right there for women.

>> i make coleslaw and never add sugar .

>> it is in the coleslaw mostly but you also get more than a teaspoon in the bun and in the topping.

>> white bread is full of sugar .

>> you can check labels for all of these things. can you make better choices.

>> this meal has over nine teaspoons of sugar . between the barbecue sauce and the beans. but again you could get no- sugar added barbecue and no- sugar added beans.

>> my brain hurts.

>> frozen meals. again can you make better choices. this one has more than four teaspoons of sugar .

>> but they call it smart ones.

>> four sugar cubes . it is in the spaghetti sauce . more than two teaspoons in this one. more than three teaspoons.

>> that's lean cuisine !

>> and they do have better choices. so you read the labels once. will take you a little time , then you'll sail through the grocery store the next time. low-fat is kind of a code sometimes for sugar because they take out the fat, replace it with sugar to make it taste good. this chocolate chip granola bar has more than three teaspoons. this blew my mind, too. this is a half a cup of apple sauce .

>> which you would think is the healthiest thing in the world.

>> six teaspoons of sugar , which is double the amount than if you had gotten a no- sugar added variety.

>> just eat an apple.

>> exactly.

>> wow. bet they hate you, don't they? everybody here all these companies go --

>> i thought you guys love me!

>> i'm just saying the companies.

>> you can make a better choice with all of these --

>> they just don't want you to.