TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

8 items for a Father’s Day camping trip

Digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch shows Kathie Lee and Hoda nifty camping items that could be great for the outdoor dad, such as a pop-up tent, LED candle lantern and glow-in-the-dark toilet paper.

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>>> father's day is almost here. coming up this sunday. if you've already asked your dad how he would like to celebrate and you heard this then we've got a great idea. that was clever with the crickets.

>> we spent so much time with that.

>> why not bond with dad under the stars and take him camping? we have all the gear to get you set for the great outdoors.

>> hi, guys.

>> how does your hair stay curly in all this.

>> you know. i have a little help from the ladies on the "today" show. let's just say that. before we start, a quick shout out to my dad, brian. and my husband mike. happy father's day. love you guys so much.

>> hodi and i both lost our fathers.

>> oh, my god. that was awful. why would you say that?

>> let's talk about tents.

>> made me miss my daddy.

>> all right. tents.

>> hi, frank!

>> i'm just moving on. maybe dad likes tents but he's not good at putting up the tent. stand back, ladies. the whole thing goes up -- and it is upside down and it is set up. you just anchor it to the ground. it is $99.

>> you better anchor it. that thing is going to fly away.

>> this is great though! usually you need the stick and stuff. but look.

>> if this was grass, which it is not. okay.

>> i like it.

>> minilanterns. they're l.e.d. they're $40. they have these little magnetic things that you can attach to a backpack or tree branch . they even flicker like candles if you want them to. they're super cute. this is the biolight stove. one, can you start a pretty roaring fire in a matter of minutes with just stuff you find on the ground. you don't need big logs or lighter fluid or gasoline which is not wildlife friendly. but it is reserving all the power when you roast your weanies and it is charging your smartphone at the same time.

>> you're kidding!

>> i am not kidding.

>> wow. did you ever think you'd see the day when you could roast a weanie and charge your iphone? wow.

>> i just set it up. you're out in the -- you see water, you're not sure if it is safe to drink because you are out in the wilderness. this is the steri pen, water purifier . scoop up the later water, turn this on, are you going to stir and stir until you get a happy face on the reader. that means can you drink it?

>> 99% of all bacteria and viruss that cause water borne illness.

>> that's very hard to believe.

>> is this killing it?

>> yeah. just like they use in hospitals an other applications to stair lies the water. very, very cool. okay. you're out in the wilderness. you go to the bathroom in the dark.

>> what do you do?

>> wouldn't it be great if you had glow in the dark toilet paper.

>> no, you don't. turn off the lights! can we?

>> i don't know.

>> is it working?

>> it glows a little bit. it is lard to see in here because it has to be really, really dark.

>> we're going to have to take your word for it just like the water thing.

>> we'll send it back to the lab and get it back to you.

>> all right. we're going to have to take her word for it.

>> we're going to have to take her word for it.

>> we believer!

>> don't you trust me?

>> this is the geo trackering device. it reads your satellite so it will work where your cell phone doesn't. it has a compass, will download maps so you can check out everything on the trail. when you get back you can upload your information to the garmin website.

>> i think they meant that for you.

>> i don't know how to read a compass.

>> have you all heard anything she said the entire time? now we're out of time.

>> no, we're not out of time yet!

>> well, we sort of are. watch your head , honey. i

>> it's a sleeping bag .

>> with jerry! we should have known!

>> this is a fabulous tent from --

>> jerry's doing the crawl of shame.

>> i'm moving over this way.

>> that's adorable. thank you.

>>> when you're out camping, you may run into one of these.