TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Leeza Gibbons on turning a mess into success

TV personality and author Leeza Gibbons advises that it’s never too late to change your life and pursue a new dream or goal in her new book, “Take 2.” She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that she wrote it after realizing she needed to “show up” in her own life.

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>>> all right. we are back now with more of "today" on this tuesday. we are talking about second chances. if you've ever thought about completely shaking things up, baby, and starting over , you have come to the right place.

>> author and tv personality leeza gibbons is here to tell you why it is never too late to do just that. she's written a great book "take 2." a guide to new beginnings and happy endings. you're one of those that has had nine new lives. it all --

>> all about starting over .

>> it should read "take 9."

>> yeah. any time can you call for a redo. it is all about re-invention. i really think so.

>> what inspired this particular book? it is not your first book by any means.

>> this one was really about -- it all started when mom got alzheimer's, then i got divorced, i left my job, my daughter left home, it was the beginning of empty nest and i realized i needed to show up in my life in a different way. i think that happens for a lot of us.

>> she's just such a caregiver. when you have been giving, giving, giving and all of a sudden it is about you with, you are a little lost. didn't mean to interrupt, sweetheart.

>> i think we fall in love with someone we used to be when we were thinner, richer, married, made more money and we loved her -- or we hate who had we used to be. i say break up with yourself! you know, forget her. create who you need to be now so that you can become the person you need to be going forward. and that's what this book is about. for a lot of people you don't get to choose if someone you love is sick. right? because that's chosen for you you.

>> but a lot of people are scared of taking that leap because a lot of people probably do know there is another chapter but they are completely stuck in a rut and it is hard to have the courage i guess like you did to break out of something, to say you know what? i'm going to try something brand-new and see how that works.

>> we do this with our electronics, with our computers. if things aren't running right, we know we have to hit the reset button , delete files, put in some new programming. well, let's do that. let's delete the people that don't support our dreams.

>> the negative --

>> put in some programming that says you can be smarter, stronger, sexier than ever before. no regrets. no excuses.

>> what about people that don't have any means? say it is -- it is a woman who's worked so hard just to raise her kids being single and they finally -- then what does she do if she doesn't have a bank account she can go to? what's it about?

>> it's about drop the dread. it is about banishing the blame. i think you have to start by claiming victory over victimization. it is really easy to go there.

>> we become a victimized culture.

>> talk about that. people do feel like victims in their life.

>> and they live there!

>> all the terrible things happen to me.

>> that's easier. just shut the door, pull the covers up over your head and say i can't, it's too late for me, too much baggage, who's going to want me, who's going to hire me. all of those things. little baby cities. that's when you need to grow your courage. by the way, if you are that caregiver, we're doing this series conversations in care giving. it's the third year that we've done it, you guys. it is registration is open right now. and we've done this with navartis pharmaceuticals. we want to answer your questions. they're all live webcasts. the first one is coming up july 9th . we do them again in september and october. this is where you can find out how to deal with that part of your life. that's you. we want to help you with it.

>> there are so many unanswered questions still about alzheimer's. how long was it with your mom?

>> ten years with my mom. more than that with my granny. so if that's your second act, if that's your do-over, they be you really do. deal with that stuff, and then you can recreate because you deserve it. you really do. hit the reset button .

>> it sure is working for you. you are better than ever.