TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Sara sneaks around NYC on ‘Accomplice’ tour

TODAY contributing correspondent Sara Haines follows clues around New York City as she gets firsthand experience being an accomplice in a mysterious show that’s part game and part theater.

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>> reporter: my day starts with a mysterious phone call where i'm told to meet my contact down by the docks. i am with my brother, joe, and his friend, ryan. these are my teammates. and we've got our clues. we're at the south street seaport . next, you guys want to look at these? we rendezvous with the rest of our group. hey, guys. are you meeting someone here?

>> did he tell you --

>> he said don't look.

>> did you get a message?

>> this is him! our mission -- to aid a syndicate criminal who's trying to give the feds the slim. we are "accomplices." our contact gives us the clues for our first assignment. and then we're off.

>> go to the fountain city hall park . anybody wearing green hats -- oh, there! hi, sir. we've got a couple -- ah! our contact in the park points us towards the brooklyn bridge .

>> excuse me, have you a really nice polo shirt . looks like have you a lot of money.

>> reporter: where we receive our next clue.

>> maybe you should check it out.

>> reporter: we bought a frog we trade the frog with an undercover construction worker for a sit-down with the boss' henchman -- or something like that. i don't know. it was raining. i was hungry and i couldn't stop thinking about how that guy at the bridge was kind of hot. we arrive at our last destination where we make our