TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Danny Huston gets a KLG-Hoda Speedo

Golden Globe nominee Danny Huston plays a mob boss in the Starz drama “Magic City,” where his character likes to lounge around the pool in a minimal bathing suit. Kathie Lee and Hoda tease the actor by giving him a Fourth Hour-themed Speedo.

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>>> miami. the year is 1959 . the weather is sultry. men are hhhot. at center of all this action is the swanky hotel secretly controlled by a fear mobbed boss.

>> i'm so in right now. that's the backdrop of the series " magic city ."

>> now i want to watch it!

>> it's play sod well by danny huston around town. he likes to keep people guessing on how he got his nickname.

>> first goi got a job as a shil. in a couple of months i was the best butcher on the lot. they called me the butcher. what? you want to hear another story?

>> welcome, by the way. and thank you for bringing your own bottle.

>> cheers.

>> saved us a little money.

>> what are you having there?

>> it is a martini.

>> which is straight vodka.

>> and it is 6:00 in the afternoon.

>> he's jet lagged just a tad. is it fun to play a really -- that kind of guy that's got the smile on the face but who literally would --

>> it is. it's enjoyable. i suppose being called a butcher kind of gives my character away a little bit.

>> then do you play against it --

>> at times. but really i sort of embrace the sort of his badness without any excuse.

>> they always say, to play a truly evil person you have to find the humanity in them or else they're just a caricature.

>> in this particular case i take a lot of pride in playing villains and finding their humanity. in this particular case, i thought i'd give that up.

>> it earned you a golden globe nomination, didn't it?

>> right.

>> what a great cast, by the way.

>> a wonderful cast, beautiful looking women, great looking men. wonderful period, cars, wardrobe and these speedos that i wear.

>> yes!

>> what is it about that?

>> it requires a great deal of courage.

>> oh, my god.

>> it is a speedo back in the '50s.

>> they didn't really have speedos then but it is as close as you could get.

>> when you go to the beach what do you usually wear?

>> nothing. no.

>> he wears his martini.

>> i wear my lemon twist.

>> yes, you do.

>> and it is a really -- never mind.

>> talk about his famous family. we don't want people to be confused.

>> let's ask if he wants to.

>> yes, he does.

>> here's your famous family. your grandfather was an actor winning -- was an actor, walter huston . your father, oscar winning john huston . your niece, angela huston . your screen writer --

>> tony huston .

>> you have a whole mob of them.

>> she means there's something in the water in the huston dna.

>> it is the vodka.

>> growing up, was that intimidating or was it actually something that you said i already got it, baby, it's in the genes.

>> well, one of the first films i saw that my father made while he was in the process of making it, he played noah. he was making a film called "the bible."

>> heard of it.

>> he also did a voiceover for god. so that really damaged me.

>> i would think.

>> forever. and i can't really distinguish fiction from reality as far as my family goes.

>> you're making it work for you.

>> we want to give you a little present before you go.

>> you know it's not big enough but we thought we would give you anyway. now can you think of kathie lee and hoda next time you're sitting on that raft with your martini.

>> are you sure they're big enough?

>> we couldn't find one big