TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Is it OK to shame someone on social media?

A woman overheard a man on a train bragging about cheating on his wife, took his picture, and posted it on Facebook. Is it OK to shame someone on social media? TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb tackle the topic.

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>> hoda wants to say a special hello to her mother.

>> she hates when i drink on the air so i just want to apologize. hi, mom! hey!

>> you got caught.

>> busted.

>> but how perfect. it is booze day tuesday. june 11th . we are delighted you are with us today.

>> last night was a barn burner at "the voice." it's getting down --

>> it's getting tight.

>> it is really getting tight.

>> it's getting hhhot.

>> you just like saying it. say it again.

>> hhhot.

>> i love all of these. this is hard because i love the person and i'm going to say her name but i like her a lot. i think michelle shamuel from team usher may go and i also think the last one amber carrington from team adam may go.

>> well, i had just picked michelle -- i feel the same way.

>> she's very good.

>> danielle -- i think somebody -- there's a place now for a new kerry underwood-ish. just everybody loves the new -- nobody's going to stop loving carrie. she has that look. she has a terrific voice. then i started listening to amber, i'm thinking she has some pizzazz to her.

>> those two.

>> i think i'm going to say -- danielle.

>> team blake.

>> to me, it has nothing do with the team because i don't follow the teams. i don't follow the teams. i follow just what i hear -- see, that is healthy. that's a good thing.

>> but let me just explain --

>> i don't get caught up in all my own biases and things.

>> ky say one thing? you know who i think is going to win and i would have never, ever decided this in the beginning?

>> sasha allen is what you would have thought.

>> no. i think the swan brothers. i never would have thought that and i love them when they hit that harmony like there's something -- it's like a warm hand right here.

>> where, hoda.

>> not there -- here. here.

>> and how warm is it?

>> you're sick.

>> is it hhhot or is it just warm? is it like a hhhot?

>> i think sasha allen. i think the swan brother are adorable. i think they'll have a terrific career. i think that she -- you know i'm just hearing -- you know why? because the little bit i'm listening, all of a sudden she ten turns a phrase or something that -- if i had hair on my arms, it would stick up.

>> i do.

>> i know.

>> they never waxed the other arm. we did a show where we waxed one and i never went back. anyway. i never did.

>> that was about a year ago. it's been interesting trying to watch the other catch up. hasn't happened.

>> now, it's a great day around here because someone who shall remain nameless --

>> but her initials are jo ann la marca. her favorite person in the world is cher .

>> cher is going to be performing on the finals of "the voice" on june 18th . remember she retired? she's back again.

>> she also has a brand-new album out. she's going to sing. cher -- cher never had my favorite voice in the world but cher 's one of the greatest performers you'll ever see in your life. she's going to be great fun to see cher . we got to get nameless out there.

>> speaking of singing, amanda bynes , we hear, has been offered a record deal .

>> good. she needs to be busy and get back to her career.

>> first of all, she did sing in the movie "hairspray"

>> she's always been unbelievably talented. nobody's ever, ever denied that. she's no julie andrews -- but who is? herary the thing. she's going to be doing rap so she doesn't have to sing. so it is perfect. she's doing hip-hop.

>> her record label is called ching-a-chang.

>> hopefully it will turn out to be ka ching a chang for her. i want her to come and live with me for one month. one month. amanda, for old time sakes, come and live -- i'm a tough task master but we will have fun. christine, it is going to be fine. you can take your vacation time during that time. my assistant of 23 years just said she's out of here.

>> she fell down. someone get the emts.

>> this is a fascinating story. okay. picture this -- you are on a train.

>> i'm on a train.

>> and as you are riding, there are some men behind you having a conversation. suddenly you catch them having a conversation about how they're being unfaithful to their wives. the two-hour train ride --

>> from philadelphia to new york.

>> you hear a bunch of guys yapping about that. you're listening, they're laughing how our wives don't know. and this woman's had it. uncle. she decides she's going to take action so she turns around and takes a photograph of the guys. she posts it on facebook and writes ts -- if this is your husband, i have endured a two-hour train ride from philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on. oh, please, repost. and they did.

>> ooh. this hit a nerve. it has been shared more than 270,000 times on facebook since it was posted last week. you know what's interesting about that number? when we talked about it in our meeting this morning, it was 180,000. this is something that has like legs. right?

>> oh, my god! that's unbelievable.

>> so the man has not yet been publicly identified, but just like the lottery winner, he will come forth. oh, yeah. you can run but you can't hide. so the question is, is it okay to publicly shame a stranger on social media ?

>> here's the weird thing. what do you think about that?

>> you know what? first of all, when we started talking about it i so can relate. i don't think i could have sat there for two hours and listened to it to begin with. knowing me, i would have turned around and said, are you guys -- please tell me you're kidding because how many of you have daughters or something like that? they go well, i got -- how would you like your daughter to end up marrying someone like you that cheats on his wife and thinks it's funny an thinks it's cool. and i would shame them right then and there because it is much more fun. it's more fun to do it live than to do it later, although i think it took great -- i don't know. i like it when they put the johns in the newspaper the other day on the daily news, i think it was.

>> what about the whole it is none of your business. they're having their own conversation. no one's invited you you into it.

>> but they're having it in a public area.

>> i can't believe that she posted it --

>> what would do you? you always ask me. but what would you do?

>> i think i would have been ticked off. i think i would have told my friends about it. i don't think i would have posted it and i don't think i would confront strangers because everybody's wacko. you don't know what someone's going to do to you. sometimes when you get really loud, you go i'm going to say something.

>> here's what do you. you call over to the conductor. you say hi, cutie, can you come over here for a minute. he stands there. then you have him right by you you. you you say she those guys? i want you to know what they just did and it is disgusting. then they won't hurt you because the guy's standing there.

>> i guess the lesson is if it i'm the wife and i'm reading that, can you imagine what she must feel like.

>> let's ask ourselves would she be grateful?

>> he's going to deny it.

>> that calls for a close-up, please. i'm waiting. somebody on vacation? never mind.

>> oh, my god.

>> why do i care? why do i try so hard?

>> i don't know why you do try so hard.

>>> we're going to ask a quick question about kids with long hair. have you ever seen a young child, you go, oh, my god, he's so cute. it is not a she. it's a boy. rac rachel zoe has a cute kid. cutest cute ever.

>> that's him? he's wearing a dress so it is more confusing.

>> no. it's shorts.

>> it's a skort.

>> i'm sorry. that is really confusing.

>> oh, wow. you're right.

>> the bow in the hair.

>> it would be hard to tell.

>> i don't know. if it doesn't bother the parents and it doesn't bother little skylar, i guess it is nobody's business. but people are cruel. they're judgy. he's 2. i just wish my son would grow his hair out. he's asleep now. but every time his hair gets to exactly the way i like to, he gets a buzz cut .

>> i like it. it looks good.

>> that doesn't help, hoda. okay?