TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Using exercise to fix common injuries

From stress fractures to back pain, if you’re struggling from aching body parts, getting your body moving may be the best way to heal. Dr. Sonu Ahluwalia of Cedars Sinai Medical Center explains how you can prevent and ease injuries with exercise.

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>>> on today's health, fixing common injuries with exercise from knee injuries to back pain. if you have aching body parts the best way to heal maybe to get moving. the doctor is -- [ inaudible ] -- is the clinical chief of orthopedic surgery . i just fractured his name at cedar sinai medical center . good to see you.

>> good to have you here.

>> exercise is important but obviously besides keeping yourself in good health it helps prevent problems later on.

>> so al, some sobering statistics. as far as kids are concerned one in five kids are overweight or obese in our country.

>> wow.

>> that's really sad and the cdc has suggested that kids do an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise today and a third of our kids are not doing that. when i was young my mother had to pull me in but now we have to encourage our kids to go out. that's become a problem.

>> but not these beautiful young ladies here. they're students doing ballet. what age do you suggest parents start pushing their kids to taking on activity whether it's ballet or another sport? soccer?

>> the earlier you start the better. it's behavior that we want our kids to be encouraged to do and as they get older it's harder and harder with the ipads and tv and we do stuff now. as far as ballet is concerned but there's certain things when their feet of grow weg don't want them to go on point and do other things.

>> let's move on to basketball here. get going with your teammates. as they get older you have to think about injuries and young girls have a higher injury rate.

>> right. so we found that girls have higher incidents of acl tears. 2 to 5 times --

>> nice willy.

>> girls have a wider pelvis so the knees go inward and that's why they can tear their acl and some evidence of hormonal influence and because the hormones change at certain times of the month they can more susceptible and girls hamstrings are weaker than guys so the ligament has to hold the knee in place. i'll show you something right here --

>> okay. ways to prevent. willy you should have tried out.

>> exactly. what happened is when women jump --

>> do you have to get taller?

>> when women jump they bend differently. their knees go inward and more stress on the acl so what we're trying to teach girls is how to jump and land which is hips above the knees above the ankle and land light as a feather so just and land and there's bio metric exercises with jumping and strengthening your legs which can reduce the incidences of acl injury .

>> let's move to the elliptical machine here. i should point out the reason i'm wearing these choose.

>> it's interesting. there was a book called born to run , right.

>> yeah, it was a great book.

>> so, you know --

>> the barefoot running was a huge phenomenon.

>> we think we have an advantage over animals because we can endurance run but the problem is these shoes or barefoot running has become popular. we have grown up wearing regular shoes and our feet are used to them. it's not a bad thing but be careful. start slowly. when we have foot problems, we can adjust them with our choose. we have or ththose and can't do that with these shoes.

>> women in their 20s and 30s 's great pie of equipment.

>> exactly. advantage supper body as well as lower body. so that's the good thing.

>> right.

>> let's move over to al over here. we don't have much time left. this is for the 40 to 50-year-old workout, right?

>> so the incidence of lower back pain is much higher as we get into our 40s and 50s and port of the reason is how we sit, how we work. our posture and those are the things we want to war watch out for. if you have lower back pain which almost all of us do have there's certain exercises we can do to elevate that.

>> to strengthen the core.

>> the core is the most important thing so al, here we go.

>> al this is you, i'm wearing a ski skirt.

>> on all fours. what we want to do is arch your back up and then bring it down and bring the back up. there you go. okay.

>> how many times do you do that?

>> about ten times.

>> is that funny?

>> meow when you do that.

>> these are certain exercises we can do. here we go.

>> what else.

>> there's an exercise on your back.

>> just watching.

>> so we lay down and we want to just lift our hips up just slightly.

>> that's great.

>> and these are the exercises.

>> how many times do you do it, doc.

>> ten.

>> ten times? that was only two.

>> i'm tired already. now i fractured your name. thank you very much. appreciate it and i love that we turned this into a whole fitness studio this morning. coming up