TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Do you have a favorite child?

The TODAY anchors chat about the topics making headlines, including a new survey in which 34 percent of moms and 28 percent of dads admitted they have a favorite among their children.

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>>> welcome to today on this tuesday morning, june 11th , 2013 . good-looking morning anyway outside.

>> add good-looking crowd.

>> always a good-looking crowd outside; best looking crowd we've had.

>> you don't say that every day. inside studio 1 -a i'm willy geist along with al and natalie. time for today's take three. we start with something at the top of the headlines this morning. it's about the morning after pill . the obama administration, the justice department and fda reversing course on this now and saying it will not challenge this court ruling that said the morning after pill can be sold over the counter without age restrictions.

>> now it will be available to all ages without a prescription. critics, a lot of people questioning if this is open to anyone at any age.

>> it's disturbing. i have a 14-year-old daughter and i'm not comfortable with the idea that she can just go and buy this. it goes to obviously other issue as well, but i think it kind of, almost in a way removes the parents from part of the process .

>> i think that this is more reason as parents for you to be very that conversation at a much earlier age at home with your kids about what happens so they hopefully don't have to turnover to the morning after pill , you know? but it certainly i think is a conversation a lot of parents will be having with their kids. we were just talking. now my son in third grade were having sex ed in school. third grade?

>> did he ask you about it.

>> oh boy. it was an interesting conversation. i happened to be in the car with somebody driving and he was mom, is that really how it happens, yes, yeah, that's how it happens. can we change the subject right now?

>> how about the power rangers ?

>> can i talk to you about this later?

>> i remember my dad. we had gone fishing. i was about 12 years old. i think you're mature enough to have this talk.

>> and i'm thinking if we leave now -- i think fred and barny are calling me here.

>> we skipped that talk. i'm glad we did. they say it's totally safe for young people . it's more a parenting issue if you want your minor to be able to go into a drugstore and purchase this.

>> the morning after pill prevents ovulation or fertilization of an egg. it has no effect in you're already pregnant. nothing will happen in that case.

>> that noise, that's andrea bocelli 's piano being moved.

>> it's rude. rude noises off camera.

>> sounded like number seven.

>> i wasn't thinking about the number seven.

>> got to love it. roll it right out of here. do what you do. let's go on to take two. for men, 43 is the magic number . the study finds that men finally grow up, whatever that means by the age of 43.

>> which means you're still an adolescent at 38?

>> i'm a teenager at this point. women apparently reach adult hood at age 32. 11 years earlier.

>> i agree.

>> with me it's easy, june 14th , 2007 , the birth of my first child.

>> we adopted courtney i remember, you know, there was nobody in the backseat and then there was a baby in the backseat and i thought i guess i'm an adult now.

>> right and i would think that also buying your first house, i thinfor a lot of people. having real property or assets or debt can also certainly i think bring that on but for me it with was bringing home josh as well.

>> having said all that, 43 is pretty late for us to grow up, isn't it?

>> yeah, peter pan syndrome.

>> if you put it in perspective, matt damon , vince vaughn , will arnette turning 43 this year. they're becoming adults.

>> so match them up with with beyonce .

>> the women turning 32, bejohn beyonce , natalie portland, brittney spears and paris hilton .

>> the first seem older only because they have been in the public consciousness so young. but they started young.

>> and with the way they carry themselves.

>> and i think women are more mature -- we know women are more mature than guys.

>> beyonce to me seems ageless and timeless and i'm only shocked hen i hear she is turning 32.

>> she carried her way like that for so long.

>> your point about the backseat, i'll never forget leaving the hospital with lucy and i have her in the car seat and the nurse says good luck. that's the heaviest good luck ever. good luck raising this child for the rest of her life.

>> where's the manual, where's the instructions. what happens if this breaks? is there a warranty.

>> that's the moment when we grow upright there. take three --

>> speaking of our kids --

>> do you have a favorite child? according to a new survey parents admitted. 34% of moms and 28% of dads say they do, in fact, have a favorite child. i don't think we'll get anyone on this panel to admit at this point.

>> i will admit at certain times you relate to one child better than another. i mean, there's a certain tough age, the 2 to 3 year age where, you know, the terrible 2s, terrible 3s where it can be difficult and taxing on a parent and also children tend to have favorites when it comes to their parents.

>> sure.

>> both of my children favor their dad. they do. daddy plays. mommy is --

>> well, i think they favor you for different things.

>> if they have a boo boo or problem.

>> at the end of the day you watch every football player when they score that touchdown, is it dad? no, mom. hi mom, mom i love you. da dad.

>> they don't tell you it's not the twos. it's the threes.

>> it's a delayed reaction.

>> it's the everything. i have a 26, a 14 and a 10 --

>> 18 is bad too. 21.

>> my dad used to say little kids little problems and big kids , bigger problems. i'm telling you, you want fear and terror the first day you hand your car keys to your kid -- thankfully courtney , my oldest had no interest in driving, thank god because she is a horrible driver.

>> courtney , you didn't hear that.

>> she is a magnificent chef and wonderful daughter. she can't drive to save her life.

>> she's a city kid.

>> she's a city kid.

>> good thing she has a subway option.

>> exactly. metro car is her best friend .

>> courtney , did you hear any of that?

>> but she also is my favorite.

>> there it is. there it is.

>> so there you go. you copped to it. admit it.

>> no, different times, different times --

>> yeah. different times. sometimes there's a strong bond and other times. when you're putting them to bed --

>> that's when they're the best.

>> yeah.

>> when they're going out, you are the best. i can't believe i lived my life without you and then 12 hours later, this kid is driving me nuts.

>> go to school. bye.

>> go see your mother.