TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

What’s the best way to cook corn on the grill?

Chefs Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay tackle viewers’ summer cooking questions, including whether you should grill corn with the husks on or off.

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>> we're back now on a tuesday morning with spillin' the beans with two greatchefs, giada delaurentis and bobby flay .

>> they're here to answer the questions you've been tweeting us over the last couple of weeks. of course, giada is a today contributor and bobby is the author of a brand new book, bobby flay 's barbecue addiction.

>> how come you didn't get a book credit in this intro?

>> because it's all about bobby, as you will see. apparently

>> i just came for looks.

>> apparently. good to see you guys, and first of all, you just also did a little cooking for the president last weekend.

>> i did, for the president and the president of china as well. it was a great honor, it was really amazing.

>> what'd you make?

>> actually, that's a picture of me saying "how do you guys want your steaks cooked?"

>> i made a porterhouse steak , i made lobster tamales, and i made an individual cherry pie . i went all american.

>> and you have done some cooking for the royals as well, not to be outdone. never.

>> let's start with some of these questions that we're getting via twitter. the first one concerns corn on the cob , alright? what's the best way to grill corn on the cob . this comes from terri.

>> and apparently we have a disagreement right off the bat here. go ahead giada , you start.

>> well i think, you know, in all fairness both ways are fine, okay? but this is the shortcut, which i'm always going to take the shortcut.

>> i shuck my corn, wash it, blanche it for two to three minutes in boiling water , okay? then i salt and pepper it and put it on an oiled grill .

>> okay, bobby?

>> and i soak mine in some water, i take the silks out

>> and i actually grill it with the husk on so it get ace little smoky flavor and then i brush it with roasted pepper but whern it comes out. does it effect the flavor with husk on or husk off.

>> i think her way is going to get more direct heat and smoke. get more texture. this way it's going to -- you're just going to get the perfume of the smoke.

>> depends on what you like.

>> another grilling question, this one from kristen, she tweeted do you have to oil the food and the grill to prevent food from sticking?

>> we disagree here completely.

>> go ahead giada .

>> why do you put it that way? honestly? so what i like to do is oil the grill . so i'm going to move bobby's corn over and i just take a little bit of paper towel and put oil on it and go directly on the grill to brush it.

>> do you also then oil the food or not.

>> no i do not.

>> bobby.

>> i'm cooking ribs here. i like to take a little bit of oil and just oil the food itself. the only problem with what giada wants to do and it's a good point, if you're going to oil --

>> you tell me.

>> if you're going to oil the grill it create ace grey smoke off the bat. you have to make sure that it disapates first.

>> there's no grey smoke. i just did it. did you not just see me do that.

>> i didn't see a big thing of grey smoke to be honest with you.

>> thank you.

>> this is from luke. what is your guy's favorite barbecue sauce . ladies first again.

>> lovely. so nice. why don't we go down here. okay and let me make you the barbecue sauce .

>> what are those?

>> raspberries.

>> i didn't know what those were.

>> they're raspberries. in the summertime when you can find a lot it's a great way to use them up. i'm using raspberries and ketchup and we both agree it will be ketchup and barbecue sauce . raspberry jam .

>> it's sweet?

>> it's sweet but smoky because i'll put paprika in there as well.

>> it's balsamic.

>> this is a barbecue sauce for only meat or meat and chicken?

>> i like it for chicken and also lamb.

>> what's your favorite?

>> mine is tomato based but i like a little bit smoky and fiery. i use smoked chilis in here and molasses.

>> do you all agree that you put the barbecue sauce on before and during the grilling.

>> i do mine after.

>> i do it before and during and after.

>> i'm sorry. i'm sorry.

>> in all fairness. he's got a barbecue book out so chances are --