TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Meet the teen who invented the 20-second charger

Who doesn’t hate waiting for a dead cellphone to recharge? Eesha Khare, a recent California high school graduate, may have a solution. She shows off the device she created that could one day charge your mobile device in 20 quick seconds.

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>> for their cell phone battery to recharge? well, she may have a pretty good solution to that.

>> she developed a device that could one day juice up your device in as little as 20 seconds. did we mentioned she just graduated from high school last week? good morning.

>> good morning.

>> this could be potentially a game changer. the semi-conductor. you have it in your hand. how did you come up with that idea.

>> i'm a teenager and i have a cell phone and my cell phone battery always dies so i was looking for a way to improve energy storage . that's how i came across super capacity.

>> i read this last night that this could be a game changer. my second thought was this sounds too good to be true. is it too good to be true.

>> a little bit but it's working. it charges very quickly because you store a lot of energy and it's a lot thinner than even one strand of hair.

>> so let's say that you work with a company or a company comes, how soon before we can use this to be able to charge our cell phone in 20 seconds.

>> it will take a couple of years more. there's a lot more to be done with the super capacitor device but it's definitely coming soon in the future.

>> you just won intel's huge international science fair last month. have major companies been reaching out to you about this technology.

>> they have been but i'm looking to continue my education at harvard this fall.

>> do you have any other ideas in your mind you would like to whisper in my ear? anything else you're working on for the future. right now it's just my education so we'll see what happens in the future.

>> are you going to major in science.

>> possibly but i'm really open. i have a lot of interests so we'll see what i do.

>> that's just fantastic.

>> congratulations.

>> cure for baldness would be great.

>> yeah, you have a couple of buyers right now. coming up, is being a single child actually better than being a sibling? and we'll also have a live performance from