TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Jim Cramer: Apple’s new release lacks ‘wow' factor

CNBC’s host of “Mad Money” Jim Cramer says a lot of critics are unimpressed with the new features and redesign coming to iPhones and iPads with iOS 7.

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>>> there's mixed reaction to apple's big announcement on monday. in aed by to boost it's cool factor, they unveiled the biggest design ever for the iphone software along with a streaming radio service but the news was not enough to satisfy some consumers and investors. lots of critics out there. let's bring in jim cramer , host of mad money on cnbc. after years of being able to do in wrong, now every time apple does something the critics jump up. what's your take on this.

>> you have it dead right. if it were any other company we might say look at these really interesting features. maybe this is something i ought to take a look at. it's apple. we didn't get the omg or the wow and instead people say maybe they're one step ahead, maybe they're not.

>> well, i don't know if you saw forbes but the headlines put a fine point on it. tim cook continues to slowly kill poststeve jobs apple. what does this mean for the stock or shareholders or those that might be considering to be a shareholder.

>> it can't move the needle. when you think about apple you think of holy cow how did i live without that? i don't know. how do i live without the ios 7. i don't feel it has that kind of pizazz but i don't necessarily want a phone that looks great.

>> jim cramer with the take on apple this morning. thanks