TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Bill O’Reilly talks making history fun for kids

“The O’Reilly Factor” host chats about his new book for young readers, “Kennedy’s Last Days: The Assassination that Defined a Generation.”

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>> mark the 50th anniversary of president kennedy 's assassination. now bill o 'reilly is introducing a new generation to the life and legacy of one of our most popular presidents with his book called kennedy 's last days, the assassination that defined a generation. good morning again. good to see you. i like this as a parents deal book. you say to your kids this summer, you want to read big nate or diary of a wimpy kid you read this book first.

>> you have to. when we we going to school we knew who they were.

>> they know today's icons. they know the more recent i cons. they know jay-z or lady gaga but you ask them about abraham abraham lincoln .

>> how do you not talk down to them.

>> i do.

>> you turn them off.

>> you have to get their curiosity peaked. first of all you have to drag them off the internet and then get their attention and you do that visually. so in kennedy 's last day swres great pictures of jfk and jackie and everybody so they see the pictures and then they want to know the story and in addition we make the movies like lincoln 's last days is out today in dvd and blu-ray and the movie is fun to watch. i i would recommend for lincoln you watch the movie and then read the book. kennedy movie isn't out yet.

>> as you look at significance, 50 years, you were hold.

>> i was 12.

>> so you were sitting in a school somewhere.

>> i was sitting in school in new york, religion class. i remember exactly where i was. came over the loud speaker . the principal said the president has bb shot in dallas. everyone knows where they were.

>> you hear people describe that moment as a loss of innocence. we were too young to have it be a loss of innocence. that was more for 20 and 30 years old. how did it impact you?

>> my mother's maiden name , her family is kennedy . so there's a lot of emotion in my family about kennedy so when he was killed, i didn't quite understand the implication of it as a 12-year-old but i knew it was bad and i knew the country was changing and it was a subject of discussion and i did watch the television news accounts but i couldn't put it into perspective. that's with a i'm trying to do with the books is show the kids today chl he was a great man. jfk was a great man. he did bad things but was a great man. learn about them. you can get them into it.

>> there seemed a never ending supply of you to profile in these books.

>> yeah.

>> who else is on your wish list.

>> we can't say because of competitive reasons. we're going to go three more history books. jesus will be out in september but all of them will do kids books associated with it. my mission as a former history teacher is to get them involved with their country. if they don't know that they'll be at a loss when they become adult. you have to get them between the age of 8 and 12 and get them involved in their country and you do it by giving them fun stuff. kennedy 's last days, even though it's a bad subject, assassination is a fun, interest, read for children.

>> i end on a disagreement with you only that i have read the lincoln with you. i don't think you talk down to kids in it. it was very pertinent and my son will be reading it in summer.

>> thank you. i appreciate that.

>> it was good to see you. the book is kennedy 's