TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Mammoth mosquitoes spotted in Florida

The extra-large insects, up to 20 times the size of a normal mosquito, have been seen near Orlando, and experts warn more could be on their way this summer. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> well, if you thought the cicadas were bad, wait, monster mosquitos are popping up in florida and more could be on the way. gabe is in lehigh acres . good morning to you.

>> good morning. we're here at the control lab. take a look. this is what an average mosquito looks like. compare that to this. not what you want to see at your backyard barbecue.

>> reporter: like every summer, florida is buzzing.

>> mosquitos. i got out of the truck and got bitten like five times. just really bad.

>> reporter: but this year could go from bad to worse. monster mosquitos like these, roughly the size of a quarter are now being spotted in seminole county near orlando. they're 20 times the size of a typical mosquito.

>> i think of it as a teradactyl of the mosquito road.

>> they're known as gallinipers but unlike the cut classic movie mosquito, the insects in florida aren't mutants and aren't dangerous.

>> it's not a disease factor. the scary thing is the size and the painfulness of it's bite.

>> reporter: the mosquito can be found every year in a large chunk of the u.s. but florida could see a population explosion this summer after heavy rain from tropical storm andrea and last year's tropical storm debbie .

>> they can lay their eggs and the eggs can lay dormant for several years and then when a large rainfall event comes or something else that floods them, then they hatch.

>> reporter: maybe not aball out invasion but a large enough nuisance to catch people's attention.

>> not going to be fun.

>> reporter: even in florida . experts say that bug spray is the best way to ward off the mosquitos.

>> good job. you freaked us out.