TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Hillary Clinton joins Twitter, thanking bloggers

The former secretary of state posted her first tweet, thanking the two bloggers behind “Texts from Hillary” and calling herself a “hair icon” and “pantsuit aficionado” in her Twitter bio. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie reports.

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>>> hilary clinton has found a way to stay in the spotlight. the former secretary of state just joined twitter.

>> i'll take it from here. with a single tweet hilary clinton set it on fire.

>> in three or four hours hilary clinton had more followers than almost every senator and almost every member of congress.

>> in clinton's first tweet the former secretary of state thanked the two bloggers behind texts from hilary famous for assuming clinton's identity for a hilarious series of internet posts. in her twitter bio he tries to keep them laughing describing herself as not only a wife, mom, first lady and secretary of state but also a hair icon and pantsuit aficionadaficionado. chelsea tweeted welcome mom and bill clinton said does twitter have a family share plan. he was new in april when he was put on the spot by steven colbert .

>> no. what if you tweet and nobody tweets back?

>> not a problem. the former president has more than 700,000 followers. just one measure of political po tense and modern day relevance.

>> to not be on twitter now is like sending press releases through a fax machine. it seems out of date.

>> though her latest poll numbers show her favorable ratings slipping, it's tbd that will have washington wondering.

>> the only people to blame is twitter itself. your bio has 160 character max and she was at 157 and had to sum up the rest of her life in three letters and tbd made sense.

>> so that's the explanation. they ran out of characters.

>> so she is off and running. do you think she's going to keep this up.

>> you mean off and running on twitter?

>> well, the big questions for the public figures is are they tweeting or is it a staff member? it's more interesting if they're the ones tweeting. you can kind of tell when it's the staffer