TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

8 gadget ideas for Father’s Day

Steve Greenberg, author of “Gadget Nation,” shows off a few products you can give your dad for Father’s Day, such as small device to analyze his golf swing, an iPhone case that doubles as a tool kit, and an iceless cooler.

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>>> father's day is rolling around pretty quickly. just six days to shop for dad. before you run out to get a tie, we've got some cool gifts he might actually use.

>> whether he prefers to hit the links or throw back a few drinks. some great ideas for father's day.

>> dads are hard to shop for.

>> we always spend more money on moms than dads. a huge percentage difference. it's just not fair. first up, this is called golf sense. you have one on right there. it goes on your glove. it can track your swing and we'll have her just do one right now. we have it --

>> where your swinging?

>> i'm not going to do it because of the lights.

>> you're just swinging it.

>> careful.

>> nice.

>> what happened? that information then pops up on to your iphone or android.

>> i didn't go all the way back enough.

>> you can swing this around. so you can take a look at it from all different angles. if you hit some analytics on the top you can do an evaluation of all the strokes and they'll give you tips and whatnot. it's just a smart idea. golf sense.

>> 94.6. you did good.

>> you got skills. who knew. so that's golf. next this is for the mcguyver dad. this is the task o iphone case. it's got all of these things. it's got 22 tools built into it.

>> you can't take it on the plane.

>> you can because the knife is removable and you don't have to keep that in there. otherwise you have all this great stuff. scissors, pliers.

>> in your iphone case. clever. clever.

>> next for the dad that wants to keep a cooler in the back of his car, this is really -- this is called the flip box. you basically, it takes up no storage space.

>> oh, i love it.

>> dishwasher safe and ice free.

>> it's so air tight that you could actually --

>> i can't believe it collapses like that.

>> pretty cool.

>> sad somebody had to think that up, isn't it?

>> it's been invented.

>> that's a great looking bag.

>> they come in a bunch of different sizes. it's called an air bag . i'm going to have you try it out. this is the air bag .

>> we've got some beer in there.

>> of course you do.

>> how many bottles?

>> enough to keep you --

>> not enough, ever.

>> this is air bladder in the back of this that makes it feel more comfortable. if i take the air out of it --

>> it's so attractive on you.

>> do you feel as the air leaves it should feel like it's getting heavier. it's coming out very slowly unfortunately. i'm going to force out of there. excuse me.

>> but what your doing?

>> yes, it's getting heavier. why are you doing that? why would you want it to get heavier.

>> to prove the fact that air bag lightens it up. by pumping it up -- i'm proving it by the opposite.

>> isn't this cute?

>> i feel like i'm going to school.

>> you look like you're going to school. i'll take it off of you. i use this. it's great. next, this is the -- sorry about that. this is an umbrella. it's a really great design because it has this handle so that you can text while --

>> oh, no, no, no.

>> in the rain.

>> e-mail.

>> that's going to cause so many umbrella accidents.

>> you are walking in traffic.

>> for those who want to. these ladies vote no on it.

>> great idea but, i mean, maybe to carry it, but texting and walking in the rain , no.

>> no. we only have a couple seconds. the 360 power screwdriver. i love it. it has all the bits built right into it. so you just turn to the bit you want and then you push the thing. it's sort of like a revolver. take it out and it's got a light built on.

>> that's a perfect gift. grt gift.

>> 50 bucks from skil.

>> that's actually cool. this is pretty neat, too. this is called the iron x action camcorder. little tiny camera. sync it to your phone and it has this wrist thing so you can put it on a helmet, your chest. if you are doing diiacing and want to shoot video of it, it's all done with this lite thing here.

>> how would anybody ever enjoy life before there were all these gadgets.

>> look at this mercedes.

>> yeah, this is pretty amazing. this is the world's first all electric zero turn --

>> meaning you don't have to go anywhere. you are right on your own circumference.

>> ladies, please be careful.

>> good-bye, everybody.

>> so --

>> you are moving a little bit. we get the idea.

>> i'm turning on a dime. this is amazing. first one to be able to do this.

>> a very small circular lawn. and with a little dramamine, i could do this all day.

>> you are done like that. amazing.

>> wow. ooh. wow.

>> thank you. happy father's day. you've got the gift. now let's make dad a special meal. the host of "bizarre foods," [ female announcer ]