TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Justin Bieber gets kicked out of LA nightclub

Tim Stack of “Entertainment Weekly” joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to chat about pop star Justin Bieber getting escorted out of a nightclub over the weekend, as well as the story behind a former “America’s Got Talent” contestant egging Simon Cowell.

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>> it's fun-day monday. that means time for today's buzz and all the celebrity scoop you might have missed this weekend.

>> from tony's big night to simon cowell 's egging. tim steck has it all covered.

>> tmz will get all over this. that will be an amazing story. huge, huge, huge.

>> oh, i can't do that.

>> okay. simon cowell was innocently doing one of his shows and got egged.

>> simon cowell was -- it was "britain's got talent" finale. simon cowell was just going about his business. these two gentlemen were performing and this lady, this crazy gal. she's a cast-off. she's smiling and throwing eggs at him. look at her crazy face. she egged him. threw like five eggs at him. the guys were just singing "the impossible dream ."

>> that's what's so rude. not to throw eggs at simon cowell , but to ruin their performance.

>> crazy smile.

>> that's crazy eyes .

>> sore loser.

>> simon tweeted like i don't really like eggs and she apologized and it's a whole -- now it's a viral video sensation.

>> the guys get a chance to finish their song at least, i hope?

>> i think they came in third place, though.

>> who knows if that was affected by that.

>> you know what?

>> that's not right.

>> how about a little justice? let them start again from the beginning.

>> kathie lee gifford to the rescue. gongets stop that.

>> stop raising your arms.

>> okay. everything is down here. we keep it low.

>> justin bieber , what's going on with him?

>> justin bieber , it's like if it's not a monkey, it's something else.

>> have you heard about this austin mahon? is he a little nervous?

>> i saw him downstairs. the biebs was trying to get into this club over the weekend. and he was, obviously, turned away because he's 19.

>> most of the kids have fake i.d.s but he can't have one.

>> because everyone knows who he is.

>> the only disadvantage to being a worldwide pop star .

>> you can't drink.

>> you can't have a phony i.d. anyway, he tried to sneak in and theaprhe game wasere. i guess he was deejaying and announced justin bieber was in the room. so then everyone was like, bieber . then he got thrown out by security.

>> this is what happens when you get a monkey. the thing about michael jackson . it all goes downhill. crazies own monkeys.

>> kim kardashian and kanye . did i just read they'll not have this baby in any reality show ?

>> i don't know about that.

>> i read that this morning. breaking news.

>> i heard kanye doesn't want the baby involved here.

>> i would think -- i can understand that. he doesn't really want to be on the show. but --

>> he does have a career.

>> why he has a career. he has his own life. it was his birthday last week. 36-year-old -- his 36th. he was at miss lily's. it's jamaican. it's delicious. i've been there. it's hip.

>> who is bigger than you?

>> no one. but beyonce came. jay-z was there. i think na was there and beyonce walked out. look how amazing she looks.

>> and she's wearing stripes that way. stop it.

>> she just ate some jerk chicken . i look like i'm pregnant -- i look pregnant now.

>> she's working hard on that core.

>> but anyway, kim kardashian for kanye 's birthday, they couldn't be together because kim can't fly but she tweeted this collage of images of her and kanye .

>> this was in new york. but she was in l.a. look. she's very crafty. it's lick decoupage.

>> she did like a little decoupage.

>> she's so much like rosie o 'donnell. when i think of rosie, i think of kim.

>> they are the same. they are like twins.

>> separated at birth.

>> rosie -- it's like justin bieber and austin mahon.

>> kristin cavialari got married. she married jay cutler , who i think is a football player? wrong -- target audience.

>> he has a number on. you have no idea.

>> maybe baseball. no idea. no, he's an athlete.

>> that's nice. they have a child.

>> you know who else got married? curtis stone . i thought he got married a long time ago.

>> no, he just got married. beautiful lindsey.

>> who is on "lipstick jungle."

>> we love them both. and they have a gorgeous little hudson. so cute.

>> they should keep procreating. good, good, good crowd.

>> thank you for all you do.

>> not really.

>> thank you two for all you do. saving people every