TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

She lost 100 pounds, beat cancer

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer welcomes Kate Chapman, who lost 100 pounds and overcame cervical cancer, into the Joy Fit Club. Kate makes sure her meals are balanced and controls her portions.

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>>> we are back on this fun-day monday with "look at me now, the joy fit club ." a woman was fit up with her weight and decided to get healthy.

>> kate chapman took charge. before we meet her, let's take a look at her story.

>> hi. i'm kate . and i used to weigh 225 pounds. i didn't grow up with a weight problem, but i did grow up thinking i was fat. the truth was, i was sick. by the age of 10, i had developed ulceritis colight. i thought i was fat, though, and so a lifetime of disordered eating began along with several chronic illnesses. by the age of 34, i was also obese. but established in my acting career. i had a resume with five broadway shows and i even played mrs. claus in the radio city christmas spectacular . but i was miserable. my health was continually declining and each time i stepped on to a broadway stage , i wondered, is this the night they cart me out of here in an ambulance? finally, i woke up and i got to work. i made small, fun, gentle changes to my everyday patterns and 2 1/2 years later, i was down 100 pounds. but the real story here is that i have successfully kept the weight off for over five years. not only that, i have reversed all of my previous health problems, too. i was chronically ill for over 25 years, but now, i haven't been sick in over four years. even better than that? i found my new passion. i'm now a health coach. and i use my story as inspir ti ation to show you can get well and part of that is being a healthy weight.

>> how inspiring. we're here with the leader of the joy fit pack. "today" contributor joy bauer.

>> she looks fabulous. she reversed every single health condition that she had. that's huge.

>> the eating issues are obviously something we all have to deal with. how did she fix things.

>> i'm going to show you this quinoa parfait. she eats the rainbow. she describes it as painting with food. she makes it more visually appealing.

>> that looks really good.

>> she eats it slower and is satisfied on smaller portions. this is white or light brown and red quinoa, lots of colorful berries and she flavors it up with nutmeg and cinnamon and a drop of maple syrup . i'll definitely tweet this recipe out. it's out of this world. cocktails for you ladies.

>> what does she have?

>> a friend ended up creating instead of a martinit's call a tini tini. ginger juice, maple syrup and 8 ounces of champagne. it makes two servings. the recipe i said we made four because we'll toast her at the end. only 130 calories each. you know we'll be tasting this after she comes out.

>> yeah, here's kate .

>> the before picture one more time in case you've forgotten. here is the new kate .

>> oh, my god!

>> wow!

>> you can tell she belongs on stage.

>> she's a performer.

>> tah-dah. i'm not wearing spanx.

>> now that's saying something.

>> now we don't like you.

>> no you don't. you love me.

>> we're so proud of you, though.

>> the thing about the illnesses just melting away, that must have just changed everything.

>> i didn't imagine that that was going to happen. i thought i was going to get thin and i'd still manage my illnesses. when they all disappeared, the delight was just doublefold because now i look like this and i feel great.

>> you can enjoy yourself on stage now.

>> yes, i can.

>> we are so happy for you.

>> how long did it take you to do that?

>> 2 1/2 years. i did it very, very slowly and with a lot of gentleness.

>> a lot of people think they need to pound the pavement. start out nice and gentle.

>> we're going to toast.

>> yea.

>> here. i've got you.

>> thank you.

>> y to a teeny tini.

>> you are teeny.

>> and congrats to everybody else out there. you can do it as well. thank you for your inspiration, sweetie.