TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal their teen heartthrobs

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about the screaming teenage girls packing the plaza to see singer Austin Mahone, and their own teen idols: KLG says she went crazy for Dino Martin, and Hoda was all about Barry Manilow.

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>> hey, everybody. it's fun-day monday. a little damp out there. june 10th . but, boy, it is fun-day on the plaza if you are about 12. for a lot of young women who are out there since saturday waiting for this young man. his name is austin mahon .

>> it was really weird. a lot of people walking by heard the screams of the crowd and wonderd who was generating all this commotion. and this is him. austin mahon from austin , texas. he --

>> austin ?

>> austin . what?

>> did you say he's from austin , texas.

>> i think i did. so he's austin from austin .

>> i like exactly what you said. here's the great thing. the kid put his stuff up on youtube and kept getting followers.

>> the way bieber did it.

>> and look what's happening. some are calling him the next bieber. he says he wants to be his own guy.

>> of course he does. these days kids don't have to wait for somebody to find them. they've got the opportunity to go to social media and determine their own direction which is great. just met him downstairs. seems like a sweet kid. hope he stays that way. don't want to see him with his pants dragging around. he seems like a sweet kid. talented.

>> it does kind of remind you when there's that moment where you see a performer and you go crazy you could scream. there are girls who are crying. they were freaking, sitting outside all weekend.

>> did that ever happen to you?

>> you know what's funny? we weren't allowed to go to concerts or anything. i came from a very strict kind of upbringing. there was none of that. i did listen to music and i liked two different types of music.

>> no kidding. who did you like?

>> i loved the jacksons. because i knew every song. easy at 1, 2, 3

>> unbelievably talented. yep.

>> and that would always get me. and then on the other side i had a big poster of barry manilow .

>> who didn't?

>> everybody did. i was a fanilow.

>> you still are.

>> but it does remind you of when you go oh, my god, i would do anything.

>> first time i felt like that was, do you know desi and billy and i'm really, really dating myself, but -- that is not funny. he was the son of dean martin and just a gorgeous kid. and was tragically killed ter -- years later. an air force pilot accident. but that's the first time i remember. when your hormones are raging, mine still are, but in a different way, not as much fun now. that's for sure. you know, i do remember going to see a hard day 's night and i thought -- i said to myself, i'll never be one of those girls that screams.

>> and you did?

>> everybody else is screaming. so, anyway --

>> and the beatles had that thing. all they had to do was step off a plane and the whole world exploded. thoorchl

>> that's right.

>> but our point is it's awesome to have austin mahon with us. i'm sure in cave man days during that -- there was a little guy with a cute face who could sing a good tune. all the little cave girls were going, aaah!

>> last night, big awards night. the tonys were last night. neil patrick harris always hits it out of --

>> the quintessential host any of ceremony. he just has a way of nailing it. he should do the oscars, i think.

>> he might as well do the oscars as well.

>> he definitely's got it.

>> he was terrific. we want to wish all the best congratulations to everybody that was there. nominated and winners.

>> yes. "kinky boots" was the big winner last night. they took home six of them. big ones . and cyndi lauper won for her score. anyway, it was -- that one took it. pippen did well, too.

>> you know what surprised me? steven van zandt came out. a whole musical number. i'd never heard of the show.

>> what was it?

>> i had never heard of it. all of a sudden i'm going, how did we miss that? we were going to everything. but it was lovely when 88-year-old cicilee won. she took her time getting up and being elegant and she was lovely. from what i hear, spectacular performance. the thing she's doing, she's 88 doing that show eight times a week. amazing. she looks amazing. regal.

>> stunning. she waited gingerly. someone helped her up. i said i hope someone is going to help her up.

>> she was -- she was absolutely lovely.

>> and a big surprise was that tom hanks did not win.

>> i couldn't believe it.

>> "who is afraid of virginia woolf ." sort of swept.

>> we should also -- we should point out carolee carmelo was nominated from "scandalous." one of our local reporters was on the red carpet and talketo carolee.

>> she was there with her daughter zoe. i didn't know that.

>> the idea that i'm standing here is so satisfying because i worked on this project with kathie lee for about seven years. and i never thought we would get to broadway, let alone the tony awards . oh, my god, kath, i love you so much. i wish you were standing here with me. i wouldn't be near it wasn't for you and i adore you.

>> thank you. that's so sweet. same back at her. she looked beautiful, didn't she?

>> she sure did.

>> and her daughter zoe was with her. i was very, very proud of her.

>> you want more vacation time? you'll have to buy it.

>> this is weird.

>> i think it's kind of smart.

>> so some offices are doing this thing where if you want more vacation time than you have and you want one more week you can actually pay your company bosses and say i'll give you this money. give me the time.

>> you take your salary and you divide it by 36 -- how many working days you do. that determines how much you actually are paid per day for your job and then you say, look. i want two days off and i want them next week. here's the money. here's 20 bucks.

>> that's kind of cool. i like that.

>> they can do it the other way as well. if you don't take vacation and you are like, i'd rather work, i'm going to get that money. it's a cool idea.

>> by the time i left the show with regis, i had ten weeks of va vacation. i never wanted raises. i just wanted time with my kids. my children don't speak to me. they don't want to go on vacation with me. why did i spend so much time on them? i don't know. i -- if you know, tell me.

>> were you down at the point this weekend?

>> i was down at the point. you know, we did all that. and getting ready for bobbie's wedding. but i never dreamed my husband -- i've lost my husband to the point. i just want to warn you. if you are anywhere in our vicinity and you are going by in a boat you will be spied on. the nsa has nothing on my husband. he is down at the point with his binoculars. and, the one -- you know who you were. you were topless last weekend. and frank was down at the point with bambino. he's a happy man down there.

>> very nice.

>> bambino.

>> speaking of dogs --

>> and who wasn't.

>> so this town in spain got upset because a lot of dogs were doing their business and their owners were not scooping it up.

>> a dog cannot clean up after himself, okay?

>> so people need to do something about it. so there is some complicated matrix but they ended up scooping up the dog poop --

>> somebody else did.

>> figuring out the dna and taking it to the owner's house in a bag and putting it back on their doorstep.

>> or they'd mail it to them. they'd find out their address and mail it to them. and you know what? it's working. they've spotted it happening. they find out where the people lived. mail it to them and errant poo is down 70% in spain. it's a good thing because their economy is not doing well so they have some great news. less poop.

>> they would see it happen and go talk to a neighbor. they did a lot of secret --

>> it is the rudest thing in the world. it just is.

>> i want to give a quick shout out to a friend of mine.

>> sorry, no time today.

>> there was a guy in the hospital. his name is frank davis . he is a quintessential new orleans tv personality .

>> look how cute he is.

>> he's a chef. he is very ill. he's in the hospital. and he is fighting for his life with his wonderful wife mary claire.

>> an unbelievable attitude.

>> amazing. he says he watches our show. i've loved frank for many years.

>> frank, we want to say, hey. and you get better, baby.

>> indeed.

>>> all right, favorite things. by the way, sara is back with us. i read this book over the weekend. caroline burnett is a beautiful human being who has devoted her entire life, along with her husband matthew to changing the lives of people out in california. i've told you so bch tmuch about the dream center . you want to be inspired about how to find your purpose and get out of your pity party and start making a difference? you can work miracles in other people's lives if you are just willing. it's a fantastic pook called willing to walk on water .

>> we've got another one, though.

>> yes. and this, i'm sorry. this daughter and her mother were having trouble communicating -- they found a common purpose . a young girl said, mom, why can't we design workout wear that also has some protection in it that's really cool and kids will want to wear it. look how adorable that is. it's all shirred like that. it's darling stuff called sunkissed girls. it's pricey but you also can work out without --

>> very cute.

>> i'm going to give that to you.

>> what?

>> i love it.

>> now this one, i don't know how i missed this show. it's been on for two years. and i missed it. i didn't see one episode until --

>> you've been raving about this.

>> it's called "veep" with julia louis-dreyfus. let's watch. can we crank it up?

>> wanted me to come down here and peek the skinny on the negotiation.

>> this is a fire hazard .

>> oh, they said to talk. it doesn't matter what they are saying. it's a funny show. i'm sitting alone, laughing, crying. julia louise dreyfus has timing out the ying yang . you are laughing alone like a freak.

>> when hoda is in, who is in more.

>> and you have pop chips?

>> you can eat these. i love pop chips. they have this new flavor called katie a kettle corn . you can eat the whole bag for 130 calories which i'm a calorie counter . so like no calories practically for the whole bag and it's sweet and salty and amazing. also two other flavors that taste like doritos.

>> so good to see you back. we missed you.

>> a couple of people paid money to come watch our show. nancy and lisa are here from chatsworth avenue school in marchmont. thank you for coming. i guess they won us in some kindraffle.

>> who the heck would want us?