TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Treat dad to a Father’s Day drink

Whether your dad prefers beer or bourbon, Ray Isle of Food & Wine magazine has you covered with tasty Father’s Day drinks that will please any dad.

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>>> well, father's day is this sunday and if your old man enjoys a good adult beverage , we have ideas for you.

>> i might take to calling myself that at home, the old man.

>> he's the executive director for food and wine magazine . welcome.

>> i like the set up for the man cave.

>> it's excellent.

>> we have volunteers that are going out and going to show us the coolest new stuff.

>> alcohol very prominent in this.

>> well, yeah. being the wine editor of the magazine it's my thing but it's a good father's day gift.

>> the gift that keeps giving and also --

>> and taking.

>> a lot of dads, they have their specific tastes. my father-in-law only drinks one thing specifically. so let's bring out the first item --

>> i love it, the flip flop beer opener.

>> it is. this is ben, his dad bob.

>> we have a picture of him and bob.

>> yeah, you have to check this out. it's a flip flop with that in the bottom and takes it right out.

>> wow.

>> so you don't have to worry about carrying it.

>> if you're on the beach. crucial. these are from reef. fantastic beer to go with them. ipa's are popular and it's a spectacular beer.

>> a practical flip flop .

>> thank you.

>> thank you very much.

>> you bet.

>> let's bring out victoria. she has another sort of, you know, father's day option. this is single barrel bourbon . what i love about this is this is eddie russel and his father jimmy russel are the distillers and they teamed up to do this together. it's a single barrel bourbon . beautiful quality.

>> what's in the bourbon.

>> what's in it is stones. they're cocktail stones. you put them in the freezer, you chill them down and it keeps your drink cold without diluting it.

>> let's see a picture of her and her dad alfred.

>> i will say this is potent stuff and you can get these -- the nice thing is for right now you can get these cocktail stones with dad spelled out on them which is cool.

>> smooth.

>> good way to start the morning.

>> let's bring you chris. his dad is chris senior. a look at barbecue with bourbon infused wood.

>> yeah, basically it's bourbon staves. so when you use them to smoke a burger or something, it's crucial to make a good burger. it's smoky intense and slightly sweet. and these pickles are infused with the same beer you just had. spicy. great for burgers. very cool.

>> let's bring out cocktail. cocktail.

>> this is donna. come on out donna. and this i love. this is a couple of things. in case you need another drink at this point -- you guy versus to try this. this is an electric cocktail mixture from the people that make the rabbit corkscrew.

>> let's bring them out.

>> this say tonic syrup and you make your own tonic to your own strength. finally, this crazy thing which is a power --

>> power corkscrew.

>> in the power drill , power screwdriver corkscrew.

>> then you feel manly opening the wine.

>> thank you so much. happy