TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Poll: Women start turning into their mothers at 31

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including a new poll that shows that women stop rebelling against their mothers and start mimicking them in their early 30s, with the most popular age for the change being 31.

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>>> welcome to today on this monday morning june 10th , 2013 as we try to talk over the screams of teenage girls on the plaza.

>> they got here saturday.

>> amazing.

>> for austin mahone.

>> a lot of us are just learning his name. hearing it for the first time. those of us that don't have tweens.

>> we had him on the today show back in april -- or march for the easter egg roll and boy, he has just blown up.

>> i walked a few minutes ago and opened the door to 30 rock across the street and all i heard was scream and i thought well al's on the plaza doing weather. here we are dpen.

>> the screaming girls follow al where ever he goes.

>> this kid is going to be big.

>> huge. a lot like justin bieber too. striking resemblance.

>> a little bieber in him. thought we would wrap up the weekend for you. hopefully you were outside and didn't see the stuff.

>> and protesting.

>> simon cowell had eggs thrown at him during britain's got talent. former con ses tent rushes the stage and threw five eggs.

>> where's that security.

>> didn't get the face though. no egg on the face. just on the shirt.

>> she did later issue an apology. you wonder how a woman carrying a crate of eggs gets on the stage of a live television program.

>> i love that the opera singers kept going and simon said good for them that they -- threw a of that they managed to continue singing. it impressed them.

>> last night, broadway's big night .

>> big night . the tony's were last night at radio city music hall . neil patrick harris getting it done.

>> slammed shia in the opening.

>> forgive me if it's random but mike tyson had a won man show. let's give the man a hand. we're going bigger

>> he did go bigger. he did have the one man show. people talking about neil patrick harris he'll do the emmy's later this year. next oscar host. it makes sense.

>> he does every award show.

>> he is our award show host.

>> hugely talented.

>> cindy lauper 's musical kinky boots was big. 6 tonys including great musical. it's a great show.

>> i have yet to see that. matilda was winning in key categories but they expected it to sweep. it did not. ki kinky boots and people thought tom hanks was the lucky guy . he didn't win. got shut out. good to see the news around broadway. it needs it. it's been hurting.

>>> like mother, like daughter. according to a new poll, women start turning into their mothers, at age 31.

>> that's when it happens.

>> that's when it happens.

>> it was in their early 30s that they stopped rebelling and started mimicking their moms. the most popular reason was having kids.

>> having kids. i brought josh home i was about 31 years old.

>> do you hear yourself saying the things your mom said.

>> a lot of times i do and i think it's more the way you discipline, more the way you love them too, i think, all of those things a little bit like my mom.

>> you parent the way you were parented.

>> which is a good thing in my case. in fact, it's my mom's birthday. mom, happy birthday .

>> is it her birthday? wow.

>> she's so beautiful. even today. she's gorgeous.

>> you're sweet, thank you.

>> do you have any traits you share with your dad?

>> i do. yeah, i think so. a little pig headedness.

>> no wig right?

>> no. obviously important for you to love your mothers-in-law. i would imagine if your wives are going to become more and more like them.

>> we didn't know that at the time. but does kristina resemble her mom?

>> i think so a little bit. but there's no negative. if i catch her doing something exactly i'll like b like okay there joyce. her mother's name is joyce but you have to do it in a fun way. if she is like her mom i'll be lucky.

>> i'll say okay ruth. there you go.

>> you see that.

>> just so they know.

>> but you had to win them over then.

>> yeah, pretty much.

>> but i met my mother-in-law when i was 11. i had a lot of time to win her over.

>> you probably have a lot of eddie haskell in you.

>> i did.

>> you're looking lovely today.

>> you made this? unbelievable.

>> your mother-in-law has all the real dirt.

>> she does. she has known me for a quarter of a century. face of the future, this might be alarming. there's a researcher that teamed up with a computational geneisist and they said what the human face might look like going further. the forehead is going bigger.

>> i thought that's where we came from.

>> the eyes are growing, our brains are getting bigger. let's go 60,000 years out.

>> big eyes, big forehead.

>> ready for this?

>> this is through the process of self-selection i guess?

>> right and eventually you can i guess -- plastic surgeons need no longer be around.

>> this is 100,000 years into the future.

>> we look like japanese anime .

>>> bigger foreheads, the eyes get big, they have the ability to blink sideways.