TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Russell Brand: New tour is ‘quite exciting’

The actor and author talks about returning to his stand-up comedy roots with his first-ever world tour, “The Messiah Complex.” He reveals he’ll be talking about “heroes” like Gandhi and Malcolm X, and says he would get married again after splitting with Katy Perry.

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>> brand.

>> everybody wants to see russel brand . here he is. he's a movie super star and best selling author and now he's returning to his stand up comedy roots launching his first ever world tour . i'm out of breath.

>> that also be effect your respiratory condition. the exuberance around austin of course.

>> there's a lot of teen hormones.

>> i just had teen hormones myself and i'm well into my 30s. he's a lovely lad.

>> yes, he is. it's called the messiah complex . where did you come one that name and do you think you have it.

>> no because i think it might be a mental illness . you think your illness. there's a ward in a mental hospital in jerusalem, full of people that have this which will be an embarrassing for them and cause a lot of conflict.

>> tell us about this stand up. you're going to a lot of places. do you think you'll be welcome in all of them.

>> what do you mean.

>> some of your material is controversial.

>> yeah, i think so.

>> he's like whatever.

>> i don't worry about things like that. it's just going to be a right laugh. i have lots of places across this country but also europe and the middle east and my country. i think it's going to be quite exciting.

>> give us an idea of the act.

>> i talk about a lot of heros of mine. american hero malcolm x , a cuban hero -- jesus christ we don't know fully where he's from and gandhi and all of them and how they relate to our lives now because some our heros don't have value so it's good to have a connection to heros that have value.

>> you talked about your marriage to katy perry .

>> i was married.

>> you said she is lovely and married but it's hard. she has a lot of options and i have a lot of options so you have to really want it. what do you mean by that.

>> what do you mean.

>> what do you mean? i don't have to work at marriage.

>> yeah, this just in marriage has to be worked at.

>> breaking news.

>> would you do it again? would you get married again.

>> yeah, i would as a matter of fact. i really like being married. i'm watching you just married on the television and wondering what the dynamic was. i assumed it was a kind of mormon arrangement.

>> if i were only that lucky.

>> it's not just multiple marriages. it's a religious practice.

>> wives.

>> i don't know, they'd have to use the phone --

>> that's the amish. it's so nice meeting you.

>> you have given us a lot to think about.

>> have i?

>> well then it's working.

>> whether or not to enter into unconventional marriage. consider it.

>> russel brand --

>> your work here is done.