TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Liberace’s lover: ‘Candelabra’ is ‘right on target’

Scott Thorson, Liberace’s much younger companion in the ’70s, talks about the new HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra,” which tells the story of his relationship with the famous pianist. Thorson says he’s “delighted” and “overwhelmed” by the response to the movie.

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>>> the renewed interest in liberace . his relationship with a younger companion scott thorson is the focus of an hbo movie. we'll talk to scott thorson in a moment but first his story.

>> in the hbo movie behind the candelabra michael douglas plays liberace . the performer that developed a relationship with a much younger scott thorson played by matt damon .

>> this is my friend scott thorson .

>> you were incredible.

>> i love to give people a good time.

>>> inspired by thorson's 1988 book of his life as a rags to riches foster kid that suddenly found himself as lhis companion and right hand person.

>> i want you to meet my friend over there, scott thorson . thank you scott.

>> the movie chronicals the couple's secret affair . adventures in plastic surgery , drug addiction , indiscretions and ultimately their bitter break up in 1982 which was followed by thorson suing libera liberace . they settled. later the entertainer died from complications due to aids. scott thorson is here. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> did you get a kick out of watching that movie and seeing that just now.

>> yes.

>> what did you think about the movie?

>> they were right on target. they kept right to the book. you couldn't get a better producer and director and stars. so we're just delighted now that the number one movie and it's gone to all the foreign countries and even hong kong and japan has picked it up. i'm just delighted. i'm overwhelmed.

>> were you surprised they made it? you wrote the book 15 years ago.

>> i'll tell you something it was a hard movie to produce and to sell. only he could have done this. now i signed the deal in 2008 . and none of the movie -- the movies wanted to touch this. it's hbo 's gain and now it's a big success and we're thrilled to death.

>> you get a real insight into this relationship you had with l liberace . you came from this troubled background. he was 40 years older than you. what's your perspective now on that relationship?

>> i think that, you know, i was so young at the time, i don't think it would go over too well today. i think you could possibly go to jail for something like that.

>> i think there's a sense from quite a bit of my problems with the plastic surgeries with the drug addiction , i don't think anybody in life sets out to be an dikt and we did stupid things. it's been a marvelous life. i love him and he's a wonderful guy.

>> the plastic surgery is one of the most memorable things from the story. and in the movie, your character barely seems to object.

>> well, i mean, matt damon did -- what a wonderful job. i mean, when you analyze this film, okay, the make up and -- with douglas and damon and debbie reynolds, you don't even recognize debbie. it's fantastic all the way around. i'm so happy.

>> well, your life has certainly been interesting and as we saw in the movie you had trouble with drugs. you were recently in jail. i know you'll be sentenced in july.

>> right. i'm out now. i know it all to dennis hoff. he's the one that bailed me and he's my new friend so that's great.

>> all right. well, scott thorson , thank you so much. it's good to have you here. we appreciate it.