TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Erin Brockovich arrested for drunken boating

The high-profile activist once portrayed by Julia Roberts was arrested for allegedly boating while intoxicated near Las Vegas. She apologized, saying “I take drunk driving very seriously. This was clearly a big mistake.”

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>> yahoo after voting while intoxicated near las vegas . she was not operating the boat in open waters on friday but she apologized saying i take drunk driving very seriously. this was clearly a big mistake . i know better and i am sorry. her inspiring story was brought to story in 2000 in the oscar winning performance by julia roberts .

>> actually a serious story.

>> yes because there's a big problem on our waterways in this country with people boating while drunk.

>> absolutely. she took responsibility for it. that is good.

>> fortunatelyhe said she was not driving the boat. all right.