TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

How to make your passwords more secure

A new app called Dashlane is trending around the country as a way to keep up with your passwords to various accounts, and is sparking discussion about how to make your passwords more secure.

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>>> app that promises to save you time and droubl by collecting all of your user passwords in one place. but the question is is it really worth all the hype. all of your passwords in one place s that safe?

>> for a lot of people they may not like the idea of having all of their passwords in one place but most people don't like to remember multiple passwords.

>> or can't remember.

>> what do you like about this application?

>> it carries all the different passwords for all the different sites as you can see here and if i wanted to i could just log right in and begin the process. so it does simplify things but the point is really you want to make sure you have a password manager . it doesn't matter which one. there's several to choose from. some do passwords and credit cards , files, and other codes.

>> you say don't use passwords, use pass phrases.

>> instead of passwords you want to use like a short sentence made up of numbers and letters and symbols.

>> for example.

>> for example in month nop lee collect $200 when passing go. use symbols for signs --

>> that's easy to remember.

>> i think we're guilty. in fact we took a poll, we're guilty of using the same password over and over again.

>> 72% use the same passwords.

>> once i get into one password i have access to all of your accounts. you're only as good as your weakest link.

>> what if they get into that? if they hack that.

>> you don't want to stay signed in on accounts. like have open on my screen here. don't check that box stay signed in. that's not