TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Ringo Starr: Beatlemania was ‘dream come true’

The Beatles’ drummer talks to NBC’s Keir Simmons about the never-before-seen photos he is releasing in a new interactive e-book, saying being a part of the band was “hard work, but it was great.”

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>> a lot of beatles fans are excited about ringo star 's new project.

>> it's a book filled with ever before imagines of the beatles and it coincide with an exhibit opening at the grammy museum in los angeles called ringo , peace and love . here's kira simmons.

>> the hysteria, the fab four. their music lives on through the ages. and now former beatles drummer ringo star is giving us a remarkably personal behind the scenes look at the historic band with a collection of photographs, many of which only recently discovered.

>> when i started this archive, you know, i decided to archive my stuff to see what i had. which i was so surprised.

>> reporter: the photographs of the musician's childhood, material drums, the first car.

>> i liked the tricks of photography too in those days.

>> reporter: and what it was like to be part of the biggest selling band of all time.

>> there's pictures of you from inside a car in the hotel room .

>> the inside of the car shows the moment of the beatles where we went to the car from the hotel.

>> there's fans looking at you from their car.

>> this is a crowded car and how great that i thought i'm going to shoot that.

>> reporter: and there's the quiter moments, george harrison in the bathroom. he never took his shirt off while washing his hands and face. very liverpool he says and a playful moment with paul suggests they may have had a few. do you talk? you and paul.

>> you know, we talk or call each other occasionally. but we're not living with each other like we did then.

>> reporter: and there's plenty of special memories the boys shared from another era.

>> this is so great. i want to show you this because -- look at the state of the art . this is the tape player and to try and get a good sound we plugged it into a radio. when we got to new york, when we got to america it was like too big because all the music we loved came out of america. it was like a dream come true. we're actually there.

>> would you like to still be playing with the band.

>> oh yeah. any day. it was the best band. and thank you for the records, they're still holding up. and we had the best song writers. so, yeah. bands now don't have that.

>> well that is the problem i feel. then you sound old. you win a tv show but you haven't put in your time.

>> looking back, what's your favorite.

>> all of it. it was hard work but it was great. we did what we did and [ inaudible ] --

>> reporter: for today, nbc news, london.

>>> you're talking about some of the most photographed entertainers in the history of the world so to find new photographs, that's amazing.

>> so cool.

>> we were saying how great ringo star looks now. 72 years old and unbelievable.

>> you love ringo .

>> when we were in london and did the abbey road i was ringo . i feel the kinship.

>> connection but there was no better john lennon than savannah.

>> the facial hair. i'm glad we don't have that picture ready.

>> we were trying.

>> the e-book available through the i bookstore or itunes but he is planning to release the hard cover book in december where he promises more never before scene photographs. for more information head to our website. makes you wonder how much he has in the vault.

>> amazing. before instagram too.