TODAY   |  June 10, 2013

Prince Harry wows crowd with airshow stunts

Spectators at an airshow in England were shocked when it was announced at the last minute that Prince Harry would be performing jaw-dropping aerial stunts in an Apache helicopter. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> a crowd in britain felt when they realized a member of the royal family was flying in the skies above them. michelle is in london with more on that story. michelle, good morning.

>>> hey savannah. people are used to prince harry wowing crowds, this time was a little different. he may not be the crowned prince but the guy can rock an apache helicopter .

>> reporter: up there in the sky, it's not an angry bird, it is a helicopter and inside, piloting that thing, making it roll virtually on it's back, prince harry . the crowd at this air show in england didn't even know harry was going to be in it. it was announced at the last minute before he performed his jaw dropping aerial stunts. it emerged that prince harry protected him from an antihomosexual attack while they were serving and became his young friend. he spoke highly of his support, professionalism and being a down to earth guy away from the spotlight. certainly harry will have good stories to tell as a royal uncle soon now as kate puts the finishing touches -- shopping for fabric, perhaps for the royal nursing. looking as thoughtful, many wondering is it a girl or a boy?

>>> the arrival of the royal baby, the future queen or king is only about five weeks away now. so get ready savannah.

>>> all right. thank you so much. i was like how did it turn into a royal baby story. you start with the helicopter and then the baby.

>> you end with the baby.

>> shopping for the nursery.

>> he's handsome, he's a prince and he flies a chopper.